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Keto and Construction

Hey everybody!
I was just wondering if it’s a bad idea to try keto if you are highly highly active.
I have been really considering just eating steak, eggs, and salad. For alot of reasons really but mainly the simplicity.
Honestly I just feel like I need a mental break from all the choices we have in this world so I have been drawn to this kind of diet for a while.
I am not really worried about how my body looks or performance is because I am really happy at where I am at. Like i said though my mentals have kind of been off lately and I feel like this could help me stay focused.

My only concern is that I walk easily 10 to 20 miles everyday at work and workout everyday so I don’t want to die or something from this kind of diet. Like Everytime I look up keto I read about ketoacidosis or whatever that is called. Im not a science guy so none of that makes sense to me.
I guess I could use some reassurance. I always start to wonder if my glucose is going to go too high and I don’t want to go into a coma or something. Even though I don’t have any health problems as far as I know

I get really thirsty whenever I try keto and my breath gets pretty bad. This could be normal but it starts to scare me when this happens. And what’s weird is I feel this all in the first day. But maybe all the walking puts me into keto really fast idk
I kind of scare myself out of trying it. But at the same time my instincts are just telling me to do it.

Right now I eat around 125- 175g fat and 200-300g carbs 175-200g protein @143lbs bw. I just dont even see the point of carbs anymore. This is already pretty low carb for me. I cut alot of sugar out and now carbs are Soo bland to me I just crave fat now and it is weird. I just don’t see it optimal to keep carbs in

My diet has been driving me crazy lately I just don’t know :sleepy:

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You dont even see the point of carbs anymore ? WHY THE FUCK … are you really 143 lbs ???

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And what about a balance diet, with veggies,fruit, some carbs, some fat and alot of protein ? You will have everything you need using this

It would still be fairly balanced imo… I would probably eat a salad once a day and my other two meals would be maybe like 8 eggs and a pound of steak at each meal and that would roughly put me at 3000 calories for the day with 2 simple meals. Eggs have literally everything we need minus 1 or 2 things and steaks are pretty nutritious too

And yes I am 143 lbs. I’m fairly short and pretty lean now. No lie when people guess my weight they usually say 180 to 200 lbs because of how I carry weight I have had at least 10 people say this to me in the past year. I don’t do “bulking” anymore I just add muscle very slowly. 1-2 lbs of lean muscle a year is a win to me

I have a weird relationship with food right now tbh might be developing a eating disorder. I’m not really sure.

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Sounds like the gironda steak and eggs diet. Except you’re allowed a refeed of some real food once a week. If you’re 143, I’d suggest adding some potatoes and dairy to the mix.

Yes it is very similar to Giranda diet. And I probably would refeed/carb up once a week or 7-10 days since I’m sort of an “athlete”.

A big problem I have had lately is ups and downs in energy and moods. I drink like 3-5 zero carb energy drinks every single day for like 3 years now. But I currently I eat what most people would call “balanced diet” 5-6 meals of- lean meat, a few whole eggs mixed with whites, rice, oats, or potatoes, veg, and fruit. I eat as much as I want of this and I am ALWAYS left hungry. It’s like being really hungry but I literally can’t fit any more food in my stomach from the volume of food in each meal. I truly believe this diet was a big factor in what lead me to drinking all these energy drinks. It would be great to just be more balanced out.

My instincts are just telling me to try this kind of diet for like a year now. But like I said, a few things I read about it kind of scare me, but then 90 percent of the other stuff I read/watch makes it sound great- and what I have felt as I slowly take these carbs out and replace with fats is improvment as well

I mean it probably won’t hurt just to try it for a month and see how it feels. I have nothing to lose at this point

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Maybe you are too dependent on caffeine. My first bet wouldn’t be that carbs are the issue. How tall/short are you? I’m guessing your hunger is warranted presuming an average height.

Keto-breath and being thirsty is not uncommon.

Anyway, @mertdawg @JamesBrawn007 know more about keto than I do

5’5" maybe it just the caffeine I’m not sure anymore

If you need 3k calories to maintain at that height and weight you are indeed very active.

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If you’re still feeling hungry, front load your protein and up your carbs.

I been in a 500 calorie deficit, but I feel like I’m always having to force feed myself protein, so I feel more stuffed than when I was eating whatever and gaining weight.

What is your weird relation with foood ?

I dont get what happen with you man, your a 143 lbs looking like a 200 like you said

What the freaking problem??


This is interesting. 10-20 miles a day is a lot! I am a tree cutter, and I do around 5-6 miles a day when I am on a jobsite all day. My estimate is based on use of a step counter a few years ago that registered about 10,000 steps a day and I have about a 3 foot pace. 2-4 times that much (10-20 miles) 5 days a week would put most people into a over trained state, not to mention daily workouts? What job do you do to walk so much? I maintain 175 lbs at 5’9" at 3000 cal a day, although I split time between job site and bidding so not walking/climbing as much as I used to, and am currently lifting every other day fairly intensely. Everyone is different, but your case seems unusual. I appreciate the desire for simplicity, but keto, as I understand it, is a fat loss diet. Sounds like you need something more balanced and higher carb to maintain energy level. 5 energy drinks a day is probably fucking you up. If your serious about improving your health, I would strongly consider reducing the e drinks and eating an extremely healthy diet. It can still be simple, just make it clean and good.

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Swedish coach Joachim Bartoll answers this very point when he states: “When your body is healthy and functions as intended, you will always have enough glucose from gluconeogenesis even if you exercise and do heavy labor all day. And even better, as fat-adapted, you have access to enormous amounts of fuel to keep you going for way longer than anyone on a carbohydrate metabolism. Claiming that you need carbohydrates for energy or to function is simply one of the most ignorant statements one can do.”

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How’s Joachim doing nowadays? Wasn’t he incredibly sick a while back? Do you know if he came through and is on the mends?

You still on keto ?

By default. I have been trialling carnivore. Now on week 3. And I have been going into deep nutritional ketosis like I never could on my usual keto. Enjoyable experiment to date.

Yes, he’s very much active. Smart guy. Seem to be a small cluster in Scandinavia, him, Berkham, Fagerli, etc. Lot of time for them - less so Martin Berkham but still a very smart guy.

Weston A Price styled diet is the way to go IMO.

Before breakfast I drink a glass of Kombucha, 1/2 scoop of Power Drive, 1/2 scoop of Superfood.

For breakfast; several whole eggs cooked in lard with fresh garlic, a big steak or pound of ground beef or pork, and some sauerkraut.

Sometimes I’ll take a handful of nuts a few hours later.

After working hard all day, working with my whole body on the farm, shoveling, bending, lifting, carrying, walking, all day; I’ll eat some whole fat Greek yogurt with some chocolate whey. This satisfies my sweet tooth. I don’t go hungry.

On Saturday I’ll skip Breakfast and sip Mag-10 throughout the day, and finish off my day with a Cornish game hen, a big bowl of green veggies, home made multi-grain fermented German-style bread, and a couple of beers. Sunday’s I hardly eat, as I have plenty of energy and am not hungry.

I follow a Russian Strength/skill template of training 5x/wk; lots of moderate percentage singles and doubles, never failing reps or exhausting myself. I train to integrate strength into daily life. Weigh 175 pounds. My strength never fails me in day to day life. Take cold showers. Relax with loved ones. Make your own food when possible.

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Idk I’m going to give this keto a shot while I have this weekend off work. Well see how this goes.

Do you think there is any benefit for a person to eat a higher fat/meat based diet (but with just a few carbs like fruits) -even if we are not in Ketosis

I am wondering because I tried cutting out carbs a few times this month and felt like complete garbage. I don’t have the patience at the moment to transition like that right now. Maybe I went too quick?

I am thinking about adjusting my macros to somewhere around 200g fat /100g carbs /180g protein (kind of rounding) and eventually this might turn into more of keto

This way maybe I can cut out some of the possessed carbs I have occasionally and start to feel better