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Ketchup: Good or Bad?

I know ketchup has high fructose corn syrup in it, which is not good, but I love ketchup on my eggs in the morning. Should I stay away from it altogether? I know Patricia loves it in her tuna and she looks great so I’m thinking and hoping its not that bad in the correct amounts. Somebody give me the low down on this condiment.

I’m sure it’s only of real concern if you’re following a keto-style diet or eating tons of ketchup each day. Otherwise, I wouldn’t sweat a little ketchup on your eggs in the morning. It would be different if you loved mayo and ate it daily on sandwiches and whatnot. But I doubt the small amount of fructose in ketchup is going to ruin your bodybuilding efforts.

If you’re really bothered by using ketchup you can always switch it out with some good old Tabasco sauce. I love using it with my eggs.