I have something strange to report. A few years ago I decided to try a little experiment. I did a few bumps of powdered “K” before entering the gym to do chest. The week before (no K) I was doing 90lb Inc DB presses, post-k I did 115’s! I thought this was amazing. Also, I had probably one of the best workouts ever, I guess due to the fact I couldn’t feel any pain! Anyone else ever tried this?

Ketamine, or “Special K” is an animal tranquilizer. Anyone who would attempt to work out while on this drug is putting themselves in great danger of serious injury.

Not a big surprise considering that ketamine was developed for use as a general anaesthetic. Also, not the smartest product to use for your workouts. Numbing your body for workouts is like asking for a serious injury.

That is the most ridiculous placebo BS I have EVER heard!
Ketamine is a tranquilizer-and you can not lift more when you take a DOWNER!

Actually No Abs, you could lift more while using ketamine. For the same reasons PCP users may exibit unusual “strength.” Your body wouldn’t be limited by pain. However, that is definately a bad thing.

Looks like No Abs could use some k right now. Jeez, I didn’t say it was smart; I did it a couple of years ago when I was a lot younger and a lot more experimental and less knowledgable about training. I just wanted to see if anyone else had tried it.

I have heard of several people lifting on nubain, I would imagine it would be similar.

No, I was just saying It really should HINDER gym performance.
Same with Nubain. Nubain though is much weaker and easier to train on.
(I found K basically knocked me out-while I could tolerate training on Nube-but don’t reccomend either…)
Another thing to consider is injecting Ketamine into the muscle has a stronger effect than snorting up dried Ketamine.
(I beleive it is snorted more often than not-I tried it once via injection.)

Hey abs, what was it like to inject? I have been doing some research on it and it seems like it would last longer and not be so in your face like snorting is.

Well it hit me in about 10 min. And basically it knocked me on my ass.
It felt like my I was awake but my bain was sleeping/ It lasted 45-60 min.

Abs-Interesting. I have a friend who works for a vet that was stupid enough to do it IV. Halfway through the injection he lost bodily control and fell out for a while. Then he got nauseous and puked everywhere. I almost beat him senseless when I found out he did it and especially when I found out he did it alone. Good formula to kill yourself…then again, he’s the vet, he’s very intelligent, and after I researched what he did, he did know the correct amount to administer per lb of bodyweight. Still, I don’t know about all that. I would do it IM, but screw IV.

I considered IV but since it is not supposed to be administered that way I decided not to!
(Many drugs can be IM, IV or SubCQ -like Nubain.)