Kerry's New Tax Plan

John Kerry visited a senior citizen center today in Toledo. The local news reported on the event. The most interesting comment that came out of the meeting was that he was going to expand medical coverage to the 43.5 million uninsured and the way he was going to do it was to repeal the tax cuts to the upper two tax brackets. I did some quick research in regards to tax brackets and found that 33% tax bracket started at the following incomes:

Single filers - $143,501
Married filing jointly or qualifying widow/widower - $174,701
Married filing separately - $87,351
Head of household - $159,101

Does this now mean that his previous comments about raising the taxes on only individuals making $200,000 or more is false? It sure sounds like it to me. It will be interesting to see how the media reports this tomorrow.

Did he say upper two tax brackets, or upper two PERCENT?

Maybe he misspoke, the way that George Bush always does so endearingly?

It was reported upper two tax brackets. Keep in mind this is a heavily Democrat city, so I am sure it wasn’t mis-reported.

Kerry is just another tax and spend liberal!

They always start out saying that they are only going to tax the rich. The problem is their definition of rich changes as they institute their mad tax plans.

You cannot have any sort of federal health plan without raising taxes on virtually everyone. Just think about the huge bureaucracy that federal health care will create. There will be more federal employees, more red tape and more money spent on this foolish idea than can be imagined at this time.

Think about what a federal health plan really is. It is simply taking money from people who have it, and giving it to those who do not have it through free, or subsidized medical care. It’s that simple! It is also as un-American as it gets!

Kerry deserves to lose this election, and fortuneately he will!

I am sure after he polls the response he’ll flip flop his position.

[quote]ZEB wrote:
Kerry is just another tax and spend liberal! [/quote]

HaHaHa! Do you think “Tax and Spend” is worse than Bush’s plan to “Borrow and Spend”?

Do you realize that your big “tax break” came because Team Bush is borrowing money from China and Japan? Is your 1000 dollar tax cut worth putting the country into massive debt, and borrowing money from China?

They always start out saying that they are only going to tax the rich. The problem is their definition of rich changes as they institute their mad tax plans.

You Can’t Do It! The principle that America was founded on!

NOBODY has grown the federal government more than George Bush!!! get a grasp on the facts ZEB!!! Bush is the biggest spending president in modern history, and he has grown the government to record size. Not Bill Clinton, not Jimmy Carter… GEORGE BUSH.

But I really appreciate the “Sky is Falling” tone of your post! Boy, Americans don’t get anything in return for paying taxes, and the wealthy get the least!!! Right ZEB?


I agree that President Bush has spent far more than he should have. There are many contributing factors that have caused this. I feel in his second term things will be reversed.

John Kerry however is telling us up front that he will raise our taxes. He is telling us up front that he is for National health care.

He is telling us up front that anyone who works hard and gets ahead of the pack should be punished by paying even more taxes.

No thanks…I’ll stick with Bush. He has already mentioned he is for overhauling the tax system. I think we might have a shot at a flat tax with Bush.

The only thing we have a shot at with Kerry is a “fat” tax!

(Why is it fair that I pay for someone eles’s health care. that’s exactly what a national health care is-more redistribution of wealth. Bad…very bad.)

[quote]ZEB wrote:

(Why is it fair that I pay for someone eles’s health care. that’s exactly what a national health care is-more redistribution of wealth. Bad…very bad.)[/quote]

Great message! Especially for the fine folks of the T-Nation.

We bust our asses trying to eat right, exercise, and promote good health. Why SHOULD WE pay for the lazy, McDonald’s eatin’, pre-diabetic punks?

On a similar note, who the “F” is Teresa Kerry to say that anyone that doesn’t agree with her husband’s Healthcare plan is an, “idiot.” That nasty bag can kiss my ass!

Rant finished. Thank you for you patience in this matter.

There is no way that Kerry can get his French-like healthcare system past the Congress. At least I hope not.

If healthcare was 1/7 of our economy back in 93-94, what has it ballooned to in 10 years?

Bush had failed, in my view, to reign in government excesses through use of his veto. During wartime, Bush should have sent some of these lavish bills back to Congress with the message “we are fighting a war - now is the time for sacrifice, not decadence”. We now have a deficit and everyone is begging for a handout from the government largesse. That was a bad habit for Mr. Bush to encourage.

That being said, Kerry is not a better choice fiscally than Bush, in my view. If you repeal the tax cuts, the deficit still looms large. We aren’t in a deficit because rich people aren’t paying their share - we are in a deficit because our government can’t stop spending money. Then you add Kerry, who is unapologetic about adding all sorts of new government projects - including national health care, which would bankrupt us.

So what’s President Kerry to do? He wouldn’t dream of cutting defense expenditures, even if he wanted to. The bloated prescription drug bill is all part of Kerry’s health care initiative, so that would stay on the books. He doesn’t favor privatizing any part of Social Security to remedy its mathematical insolvency. So Kerry will keep all these and add more. That means higher taxes. Freakishly higher taxes.

No thanks. I’m a true fiscal conservative - I despise wasteful or useless government spending. I have no compunction in dipping onto the nation’s credit card in times of need, such as the war, but I’m interested in a candidate that at least gives lip service to the concept of limits.

And, that’s not even my top priority - national defense is. Deficits don’t mean anything if Islamists are blowing up your world.