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Kerry Rules


Good post. Very well thought out. ;p

Bush and Cheney will appear before the 9-11 commission this upcoming Thursday. They appear under the condition that they only testify together, and not have to testify under oath. One of the major goals of the 9-11 hearings is to figure out who knew what, and to compare the testimony of different people. By appearing together, there is no risk that Cheney and Bush will incriminate themselves. It’s a white wash.

President Cheney will allegedly wow the crowd, by drinking a glass of water while George Bush speaks.

Bush is expected to explain how he would have moved Heaven and Earth to protect the country, had anyone told him specifically that on Sepetember 11 2001, 19 terrorists would strike the World Trade center North Tower floors 94-99 witth United flight 175 at 8:46 a.m., the South Tower floors 78-84 with American flight 11 at 9:03 a.m., and the Penatgon offices of Army and Navy operations near the heliport between corridors 4 and 5, rings C, D and E with American airlines flight 77 at 9:40 a.m., but nobody told him anything, not even on August 6th.

not under oath? whats his fucking problem?

Last week I was registering voters for the College Republicans and the GOP, and this girl came up to the booth. She was cute as hell, so I began to talk with her. I asked if she wanted to register with the GOP, and she said and I quote: “I have been a Democrat my whole life.” She fills out a voter registration form, gets to the bottom in about 5 minutes and asks me “How do you spell Democrat?”

Honest to God, guys. I found that it is not possible to contain laughter in such situations. Like after I read this post, I laughed. Panda… Please be drunk.

You know, you guys are like women.

I say two words without explaining anything, and you guys rant :slight_smile:

LMAO!!! great post fat panda

Lumpy’s up to his same ol crap. But thanks for bringing it out Panda!

Lumpy, did you by chance post a review on a Lord of the Rings website? Someone with the same name did…and I thought it might be you. It was a good post either way.



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