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Kerry On National Defense

John Kerry has just about worn out his cliche “I defended this country as a young man, and I will defend it as President”.

When Bill Clinton was running for President, the liberals could not shout loud enough, or often enough, that prior military service had no bearing on a persons ability to function as President.

However, no one can debate that John Kerry served in Vietnam. On the other hand, upon his return he demonized every current service man in Vietnam, and all Vietnam Veterans. So, I guess he gets to have it both ways.

If we want to look past this, and pretend that he is not a traitor, then we can move forward to his voting record in the US Senate.

He voted to kill the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

He voted to kill the M-1 Abrams Tank.

He voted to kill every Aircraft Carrier laid down since 1988.

He voted to kill the Aegis anti-aircraft system.

He voted to kill the F-15 Srike Eagle.

He voted to kill the Block 60 F-16.

He voted to kill the P-3 Orion upgrade.

He voted to kill the B-1.

He voted to kill the B-2.

He voted to kill the Partiot Anti-Missle System.

He voted to kill the FA-18.

He voted to kill the F-117.

He voted to kill every military appropriation for the development and deployment of every weapons system since 1988, including the body armor for our troops.

Let’s not forget that he also voted against the additional funding needed by our troops that are currently serving in Iraq.

After all of this, he says that he would defend our country as President. I guess he plans on using harsh language. Luckily, he will probably kiss up to France, and they will loan us some of their crack, special forces units, so that they can train our troops on the proper way to surrender.

At least he kept himself busy. He didn’t just concentrate on the military. He voted to cut The FBI’s funding by 60%. He voted to cut the CIA’s funding by 80%. He voted to cut the NSA’s funding by 80%.

But hey, he didn’t vote to cut all funding. He voted to increase the US funding of United Nations operations by 80%.

I guess this was simply forward thinking on his part. Since he plans on getting all of his direction from the U.N. he would need them to be a well funded organization.

I think his position is that he is against it!

Unless he happens to be running for President and then in certain markets he is for it and in others against it…based on polling numbers.