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Kerry Exposed Cocaine Scam

People on the forum have often stated that they’d like to know something that Kerry did without dissing Bush in the same breath. If for some reason it is stil unclear to someone, then this is not an anti Bush rant but rather a little more info about Kerry’s record.
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Sounds like he’s a pretty tough and determined person to make it through the political hailstorm of the time and keep digging.

Almost sounds like a man who has convictions and the will to follow through on them.

After listening to attack ads and pundits for the last several months it is hard to believe this can be the same person being discussed.

It’s also refreshing to realize that whenever people are claiming you are “unpatriotic” for digging into something and questioning the government, you are probably doing the right thing.

After all, if there is nothing to find, then a little digging won’t hurt anything. It’s when they get afraid you might find something and embarrass somebody important that they have to start with the pressure tactics.

Finally, remember, I’m talking about something that happened a long time ago, not the current election or any current situation, so don’t get all upset. As I’ve said before, if you interpret this as a Bush slam it is because of your own polarized viewpoint.

Kerry fought hard and uncovered the Iran-Contra scandal even though the conservative papers like the Wall Street Journal and Washington Times called it a ‘wild goose chase’ and called him a ‘conspiracy buff’.


A LOT of the clowns in the current Bush White House were on the scene back then (including Dubya’s dad who was VP at the time). This was a huge black mark against the Reagan administration (Reagan got a pass because he was so out of touch with what was going on, but it was the biggest scandal since Watergate).

John Kerry was on Nixon’s “Enemies List”. Guys like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld came into the White House when Ford took over, after Nixon bit the big one on Watergate. When you factor in Kerry’s anti-war stance during the Nixon years, it’s easy to see that these clowns have been hating John Kerry for decades.

Another Kerry accomplishment: busting BCCI (the 'terrorist’s bank") “How John Kerry busted the terrorists’ favorite bank.”

Here’s the actual BCCI report: