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Kerry Admits He Lied About His Records


I saw the interview and didn’t catch this. Incredible!

As a matter of fact, Kerry is considered a patholigical liar.


Now, let’s look at the evidence:

  • War crimes testimony before Congress
  • Christmas in Cambodia - “seared, seared in my mind”
  • 3 time Boston marathon participant
  • 4 hunters each shoot a goose, for a grand total of 3 dead geese
  • met ALL of the U.N. Security Council members
  • UPDATE: Kerry has just admitted lying about his military records.

Most damning to sports fans, don’t forget his interesting claim to be a lifelong Red Sox fan.

After that, he named his favorite player growing up – some guy who played for the Washington Senators at the time (can’t remember his name – Evan something or other?). His favorite current Red Sox player: “Manny Ortiz.” And he looked extra special in his brand-spanking new Red Sox hat. He apparently didn’t have one next to his secret CIA hat in his briefcase.

I guess we know who isn’t his favorite Red Sox player, though: Curt Schilling.