Kern US Open Updates

What fed is that meet with Brandon Lilly, SPF? By USPA rules you are supposed to squat below parallel, not just barely or around parallel. Try that at your OPA meet and I guarantee you will bomb out.

I’m not going to go on and on about this depth thing because it’s obvious that something is wrong and I’m not the only one pointing it out, but generally speaking from what I have seen USPA has been reasonable in terms of not red lighting good squats, although some questionable ones have certainly passed. Today they wanted ATG. There is a saying that it is better to let a thousand guilty men walk free than to lock up one innocent man, this looks like the complete opposite.


I 100% agree with everything you said. To clarify: I wasn’t saying judges in all federations should allow squats to that depth, different feds have different rules but I do think that that is the depth that should be how the rule book goes in all feds

Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m trying to dictate to you how it should be, and I’m seriously interested to know how the judging was on day 1. Not all feds have the same standards and that’s just how it is but when rules aren’t consistently applied within a fed then I see that as a problem.

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All Of Ben’s Squats. its interesting that he got the one red from the side judge on his opener. It looks to me like the second squat was the highest.
Opener (:white_circle::white_circle::red_circle:): The Kern US Open USPA Powerlifting Competition | Day 1 - Blue Platform - YouTube
Second (:white_circle::white_circle::white_circle:): The Kern US Open USPA Powerlifting Competition | Day 1 - Blue Platform - YouTube
Third (:white_circle::white_circle::white_circle:): The Kern US Open USPA Powerlifting Competition | Day 1 - Blue Platform - YouTube
Another angle of third: THE WRPF Americas on Instagram: "@phdeadlift with a clean 771 squat to secure his third attempt ⚪️⚪️⚪️"

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The judging quandary will never be solved. The lifter’s coach/handler is supposed to observe the judging and adjust attempts accordingly. The lifter should also train multiple stance variations so that if stance adjustment is needed on the fly to attain depth, that stance variation will not be foreign to the lifter. Slavish adherence to openers expecting the judges to hand out birthday gifts is not the right approach. JMHO


It looks to me like Ben Pollack should have bombed out, nothing against him but just for the sake of fairness.


I agree with what you are saying, but Sunday’s judging was by far the worst I have ever seen. Last year the IPF did it right at Worlds, the jury overturned several calls (was there even one here?) and side view replay showed the whole world what was really going on. It’s stuff like this that makes PL look like a bullshit sport, and it doesn’t have to be like that at all.


I read this and I have a theory.

Real short version is aggressive knurling compounds technique flaws with Hook Grip.

Real Long Version:

This is his general strategy. Their workouts use the same huge jumps so he is used to it.

Not for lack of options. The solution is so simple. Knee height cameras and review. There is 0 reason for judges to be judging depth. Every Squat would be judged equally and correctly and it would not take longer than it takes to set up the bar for the next lifter.

Most sports could be completely done with technology but they wont.

Going by Day 2 his Squats were reds until 3rd attempts LOL


That’s what I have been saying for a long time. They have been doing something like that for sprinting at the Olympics with a camera at the finish line for a long time. Imagine how ridiculous it would be to have a judge decide who gets gold when three guys cross the finish line a the same time - that’s the equivalent of what they are doing in some powerlifting meets. Either be reasonable and rule in favor of the lifter if there is any doubt or get machines to sort it out.


Does anyone know where to find the results? On the official page it has last year’s results.

Not sure, what stuff were you wondering? I might know some of it off the top of my head or from my spreadsheet

Do you mean sensors at both joints and then a laser that detects depth?

I missed day 1. Who were the top 3 overall in the lightweight men?

I missed it too, and I’m at school right now so I can’t check

In this post, Chris Duffin discusses some of the problems with the bars at the US Open. I think it’s good that they admitted that things were wrong. Both Yury Belkin and Ben Pollack used mixed grip for the first time in a while, after failing numbers they have hit before in competition with hook grip

Not even that, just look at the official livestream from 2017 IPF raw worlds and see how they had side view video. I didn’t see a single good squat get turned down and I watched most of the men’s open. All they would have to do is if there is any doubt whether the squat was good or not then the judges and/or jury can review the video (takes 10 seconds) and all doubt will be removed. Sensors could work but then there will be debate over whether they were properly placed and calibrated and so on, this is the least complicated and most effective solution.


I didn’t realize they did that. The side camera is a very good idea

Check out he squat bar wobble in these vids (can’t promise the livestream links will remain the same, the time stamps have changed 3 times already)

Skip to the squats (first portion obviously) and see for yourself. This was done way better than the US Open live stream, on top of the replays they show the lights on the screen so you actually know without a doubt if the lift passed or not. I complain about the IPF almost every day but you have to give credit where it’s due.

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Check these 2 out - ridiculous

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