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Kern US Open 2019

Great first day show I think. Too bad a lot of big name lifters pulled out or got injured late like Brandon Allen, Kevin Oak, CC Holcomb etc. Larry Wheels didn’t rock up because he is doing strongman

Some massive ATWR lifts like Cailer Woolam with a 950 lb / 431 kg deadlift and Yury Belkin with a 415kg / 914 lb squat.

And what was up with the platform lol. It’s wobbling and coming off the floor on one end.

Winners: Belkin, Blazek, Legrand

How do they have all this money to give away and can’t afford a decent platform? Last year, people were saying it was like a trampoline. I just don’t get it. I just did a meet (WPC) where they didn’t have a platform, the whole place is rubber mats, zero issues.


This was on the insta story. I think the stage under the platform gave a bit after deads and maybe they moved the platform after? Sounds sloppy to me. Confirmed Pro Raw Big Dogs > US Open

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The US Open had the potential to be something great but there are too many problems. Like the fucked up squat bars and deadlift bars last year, combined with the judges demanding ATG squats from the heavyweight men while the day before Ben Pollack won and got white lights without even approaching parallel. Just too many problems overall. Maybe they have some IPF moles infiltrating the meet.


I’m reading some stuff on reddit and maybe this US Open will be the last one in this format. Barely any lifters, prize money halved, shitty promotion and advertising and hype and build up and that bullshit with the platform.

Might just be because I’m a Belkin fan boy but missing his opener, after already dropping it to be safe, on balance literally at locked out I blame the platform

Spent it all on the Bear…seriously the dumbest organizers of all time.

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Part of that is because Gracie V, the meet director, got banned from USPA for being a stupid bitch. Another part of that is because the meet was already fucked up last year for the reasons I stated previously.

What does that mean?

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There is an actual kodiac bear in a tiny cage at the meet.

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If Marianna hits her DL opener she will have a 700 Wilks. Wilks is broken, this is why we cant have nice things…LOL jking Wilks was originally supposed to be updated yearly (I think).

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720 Jesus. More in the tank too.

As much of a freak as Stefan cohen is still couldn’t make up ground on Marianna massive squat.

Maybe she was thinking Marianna would come in for the weight class above and there’d be a chance (I dunno what the wilks would work out at).

To be fair that bear probably had more marketing then any lifter there

Thats what happens when you dont make it a better meet :open_mouth:


That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. They should put Gracie in there with it.

Come for some lifting, stay for the circus.

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I’ve always wondered, with wilks ands women in steroids doesn’t that give them a huge advantage to get a giant score. How do test / hormone levels compare for a women on stuff vs a clean guy? All things equal would a women on steroids gain more strength than a man not in anything?

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You can only produce so much testosterone naturally, the upper limit for injecting it is way higher and with all the other drugs on top of that there is no comparing the potential gains for a girl on juice vs. a natural man.

Just to give you an example, I remember a couple years ago on PLwatch they posted a video of CC Holcomb squatting 450x10, it said that was her old max and now she’s doing 10 reps. That’s crazy as it is, but now what is she squatting? 600+? And without gaining a ton of weight either. The effects that stuff has on girls is scary, I saw a picture of her when she was in high school and she looked like a normal girl, now she looks almost like a man. Also look up clitoral hypertrophy.

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I watched clips of most of the winners. Some nice totals put up. Logan Chapman placed 2nd losing by 2.5 kilos I think. And he missed his 2 last dead lifts looked like grip gave out. He’s from my home town I kinda know him met him a few times and trained in the gym he trains out of.

Andy Huang had a scary squat moment too I’m glad they had good spotters.

The sky is the limit. I am pretty sure in the 123 class both Stefi and Marianna have bigger totals than the untested men in either wraps or sleeves. Part of that is how many juiced men can weigh 123lbs and the other part is they are straight awesome at PLing.

Wilks was based off of tested meets and since then women have definitely pushed the drugs since then so yes it would be a huge advantage. I mean they were all tested and none are tested now but there are a few factors like body weight and natty 123lbs women would have a lot more room to grow than natty men in any category. Aside from that how many juiced dudes are 123lbs? Basically think of somebody sand bagging for the bell curve.

I actually did quite a fair bit of work on a video discussing how women had broken wilks due to what I mentioned but I couldnt make it in a way that wouldnt come off as douchey so I never finished it.

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I didn’t mean the 123 class specificity. But for example cc Holcomb cause shes about my weight and looks bigger than the above average dude the same weight.

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I think the best spotters I’ve seen are the ones at ProRaw Big Dogs. Also the most weight I’ve seen dumped on squatters by Petr Petras about 425kg and the spotters caught it and placed it back in the rack lol

Lol wow that’s crazy! Andy dumped like 860ish I think and like dropped
Out from under it and ran lol whole
Room went silent but he was ok. They handled it like a champs.