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Kentucky Strongman Training Day

Hey all:

I know there are a few T-Forum regulars who could probably take part in this. So, I thought I’d post it here.

This is a invitation from Clint Darden. Newest Strongman Pro (earned his Pro status at the Feb. 8 Boston Strongman contest). If you’re interested PM me, and I’ll provide you with Clint’s contact info. Beginners are welcome to join in!

"Well…the time is near again and we are ready for another Kentucky Training Day here at my place. I know that several people are getting ready for different contests this Spring/Summer and we plan on kicking it off here at my place.

Saturday, April 12th, 2003
12:00 noon till whenever (4:00 or so)

I know that several people are getting ready for:
*Music City Strongman in Nashville: June 13th
log, tire, farmers, stones, super yoke (some of my own equipment may be used at this contest)

*Beast of the East: May 17th
viking press, hercules hold, anvil carry, power stairs, yoke/tire/sled

*Illinois Strongman Record Breakers: May 24th
log press, 18" deadlift, keg toss, car hold, atlas stones

I have nearly all of the equipment for all of these contests for everyone to train on…and we always have fun and learn a lot. The video camera and the still cameras will be running all day long.

Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from some of the best Amateur strongman today…I have been given several ‘maybe’ answers and several ‘I’ll be there’ answers also.

Post up…I hope that everyone makes it!!!