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Kentucky Strong Progression

After running hard gainers I made the switch to Kentucky Strong as I signed up to a now abandoned strong man show. And I’ve seen a lot of people on here rate it and I’m under the impression its a development of 531 that Jim (as the original Author of 531) agrees with.

I’ve had to make changes as I do not have all of the equipment to run the programme as written. Mainly dropped the events day and run it as an upper/lower programme. And dropped dead lifts in place of widow maker set back squats after front squats. Due to lack of weight for dead lift. Which seems to be working.

I’m seeing improvements all over. Which is great.

My question is around the TM for the incline bench.

For the first two weeks I was still getting out some good number on my + sets. Today (my 1+ week) I hit 1 rep. Just.

That said I hit a PR on my press. So is it almost inevitable that I was going to find this hard?

Should I adjust my expectations? Keep the TM of this lift where it is and soon my body will adapt to two heavy pressing movement in one day?

I’m 99% certain I can do that weight on the incline bench for 5 reps. But it seems to ignore one of the principles of 531 (progress slowly, and don’t have any ego) to increase the weight.