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Kentucky Grilled Chicken


I was doing some errands today by foot and happened to have coupon for a free piece of the Kentucky Grilled Chicken item. So I stopped into a KFC joint because it was on the route.

I was expecting to get some dried-up, crappy, REAL chicken or what I call "rubber chicken"; you know, that stuff they call chicken but is actually part chicken mixed together with oils, soy protein, TVP, sugar, egg whites, lecithin, and god-knows-what-else.

Instead I got a pretty good item. It's not boneless; there's a few bones in each piece; it has some skin is greasy. But it was spicy and tasted fucking awesome. I like how the bones are soft; I actually like the taste of bone marrow. (Extra calcium doesn't hurt either.)

A few pieces of this and a salad would be a good meal for a protein-and-fat meal (if you're into that sort of thing) or high-fat, ketogenic diet.


now all I have to do is wait the customary 3 years for it to be introduced in Canada. :frowning:

The soft bones are not a good sign though. it is one of the first indicators of factory farmed chicken.


Do they still cook the chicken in pressure cooker even though its called 'grilled'?


if you look on the site, removing the skin from original recipe breasts is still the best option as far as fat and carbs go... more protein that way too.


ethical concerns aside, what difference does it make where a chicken is raised?


There are soft bones in roasted chicken too, usually from just being very hot and grease dripping all over the place.


The skin is the best part though!


Well, this thing tastes good; so I ain't taking off the skin; as I said, it will work good for someone on a high-fat, ketogenic diet. Not that I'm on one at the moment. Small amounts of saturated animal fat aren't bad for you.


I doubt anyone thought KFC used organic free range.


Who gives a shit?


KFC's website says one (bone in?) Chicken Breast has:
180 calories
4 fat (1 saturated)
440 Sodium
35 Protein

That's pretty remarkable nutrition for fast food. Brick, you think it would be a decent on the go option for someone on a -high fat- ketogenic diet. Are you basing that on the actual nutrition or just on how fatty it 'seemed' when you ate it?

I've been pretty fascinated by KCG. I don't really care too much about eating it but I'm curious if it represents the beginning of a trend, or at the very least, consumers are more interested in/educated about eating healthier. I suppose the real question is, will it sell.


It sounds fine for on-the-go nutrition to me.

If it's that lean, it's good for any sort of diet.

I doubt it's only 4 grams of fat; that thing was pretty darn greasy - AND GOOD! :slight_smile:

It is a trend, but a trend that I think will stick... this time around! Some of the fast-food restaurants tried to provide healthy choices but failed. But now every fast-food restaurant around has healthy items. McD's did stop their Asian Chicken Salad; that thing was good tasting and healthy.

This sounds cynical, but I believe the obesity epidemic has reached new heights that can't be solved. We've become a fat, slovenly, disease-ridden country; and most people don't give a shit!


heh, this thread makes me want some kfc.

...no the the grilled healthy stuff, but the awesome greasy fried shit.




But I don't think Poliquin recommends it...


Well, Poliquin doesn't like most ordinary food items that ordinary people can afford, enjoy, and have access too.

You know, like ordinary people

eat on the go sometimes
eat normal stuff like sandwiches sometimes
don't sit at their desks or stick around other work spaces popping BCAA, fish oil, and god-knows-what-else capsules all day; nor do they think that stuff is cool to do
can't afford thousands of dollars of supplements
find it satisfying to eat some normal carbs like brown rice, oatmeal, and pasta; not quinoa and amaranth (spelling?)
don't visit exotic markets or shop online for venison, buffalo, and ostrich
can't perform or recover insane workouts that involve the hogging of two to three pieces of equipment
and a whole lot of other off-the-wall shit that CAN work in athletes who are athletes for a living but not for ORDINARY people.


I'm assuming you're under the impression I was being serious...


Whatever dude, I've been shipping eggs and avocados from the Dominican Republic for a couple weeks now and it's definitely better than any AAS I could have tried. I'm as strong as a female bobsledder now. (The absolutely pinnacle of all things athletic)


I do the same sort of stuff; my good buddy is the number one importer of oranges from Jafa, the huge juicy ones with megadoses of antioxidants.


This thread definitely makes me want to go to KFC for the skin on fried stuff too.

I keep seeing ads for the new grilled stuff, I find it kind of disturbing though. I will probably eventually try it.

I wish they had those boneless teriaki wings still.