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Kentucky Basketball

Once again, my Kentucky Wilcats have demonstrated their superiority over the entire NCAA. Beware Florida. Beware you “other” wildcat wannabes. SEC is king and the Kentucky Wildcats own it. All you other “clubs” can fight over the Big Blues’s leftovers.

Amen! Nations longest winning streak. (17 games). Most unselfish team to ever play. 110% effort from everyone on the team. Awesome coach who doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Rolled over Georgia today, and watch out Vandy…YOU’RE NEXT!!!

I guess everyone agrees then. That was easy.

They made this week’s SI cover. Need I say more?

(Just hope it ain’t a jinx)

OK Poo I’ll play. Until the tournament ends, my Terps still reign supreme! You guys and Ariz. are the favorites, but after that it’s a free for all. So I feel pretty good about our chances. Why’d you guys have to steal Boguns right out from under our noses? He’s from Maryland.

Close. Virgina. Yep, he’s got his act together this year after last year’s slump. I think his style with mesh nicely in the NBA. He has good size, range, and he penetrates like no other reminicent of Paul Pierce.

However, I still give your Terps credit. Great coach.

As a University of Arizona senior, I cannot let a serious challenge go unanswered.
However, in the absence of any serious challenges, I’ll keep quiet.

Oh he’s from VA! Well that makes it more tolerable then. I thought he was from here because he went to DeMatha which is about 3 miles down the road from UMD. Those high schools basically recruit players like colleges though so it’s no surprise he’s not from the immediate area. Although he could be from northan VA which is part of the DC area. As I type this I’m sitting here watching the Wizards vs the Clippers. Which is almost a former ACC all-star game: Jordan, Stackhouse, Dixon, Haywood, Laettner, Meggette, and Wilcox.

oops - forgot about Cherokee Parks.

Poo, how do you and the other UK fans feel about that “other” Kentucky program re-emerging on the national scene?

Da 'Cuse are coming back for vengeance Wildcat fans…Watch out for these guys. They’re a young and talented bunch. They have been slowly, steadily climbing all year long.


I assume you mean Rick and the Cards. Well, U of L has ALWAYS been the basketball faction of the Northwest. Basically, we view them as Ohio/Cici men. Not true Ky blood. So, with that said, even if Rick has em’ beating the snot out of us in a few years (I expect will happen, as he is the greatest coach around, next to K that is), they will still never be the all time greatest program ever: The Ky Cats.

So, yes we fear Rick a bit and certainly resent his presence on our turf. Everyone would want him back here right now if he wasn’t the biggest turd known to man. No joke, his rep as a “person” is a joke. No respect in that facet.

Finally, CON USA is a bunch of weenies. We’re the SEC. The greatest.

Make that 19 wins in a row now. I actually go to UK (kinesiology-exercise science major) but I try my best to never gloat about our team. Everytime our heads get big things fall apart. So I’m doing my best to take it all with a grain of salt and just enjoy the current success of our team for what is: a basketball team that’s a hell of a lot of fun to watch. I have pretty deep ties to UK basketball (my grandfather played under Rupp and also announced the games for 10-15 years), so I’ve had blue runnin through my veins since I was just a wee lad in the womb. But I learned the hard way to never get too cocky (Duke '92…why does ESPN have to show that Laetner shot 50 times every March…)

Oh yeah…forgot…word on the street is that Ricky P is headed out to UCLA after this season. I personally find that hard to believe, but then again they have one hell of a storied tradition. Rick is one of those guys that loves re-building a program like that (UK anyone?).

Nice to meet you John. Who was the announcer?

vrestein said:

"As a University of Arizona senior, I cannot let a serious challenge go unanswered.
However, in the absence of any serious challenges, I’ll keep quiet.


Look who’s Numero Uno in the USAToday/Coaches Poll, bro!

Being out west, and having lived in Arizona, gotta give Arizona props. And my vote.

Sorry, pooh.

The one team you’ve yet to tame would be my Spartans of Michigan State, finally healthy and starting to play better basketball.

Go Green!

Now’s my cue to remind everybody that one of Arizona’s two losses was to LSU. :slight_smile:

A streaking team of late…

Who’s smashed more ranked opponets? Who’s undefeated in the SEC?

LSU…ah, yes, home of my boyhood hero, Pistol Pete Maravich! Best ball handler ever. Hell, best college player ever, in my opinion. 44 ppg average?!

Actually the name is Clint. Clint Combs. Don’t ask why my sn is JohnS because honestly I have no clue…lol. It just came off the top of my head and sounded originally unoriginal. My grandfather’s name is Carl “Hoot” Combs, and he announced the games somewhere through the mid-70’s. He also played and later announced the UK football games if I’m not mistaken (he was actually a better football player). Pretty well-known around here to a lot of older people.