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Kenobi has Been Killed


Vader announced it.






Now we want proof he's really really dead, ya know? We want a picture of his dead body!


lol @ outer rim territories


Read the comment section. Just as good as the article.

They have photos of the body but they're too gruesome to release. They dumped the body out an airlock as is tradition and also so not to create a shrine for his followers.


lol even the comments are good


Dang it! That proves nothing. Useless excuses. Those gruesome pictures need to be released. There are a lot of sceptical people out there.


Outer Rim :slight_smile:


Lol...funny. "Environmental disaster on Alderaan...."


Already a sensitive area, relentless strikes against the outer rim threaten to de-stabilize internal harmony...




Btw, when I hit the button, my brother(who showed it to me) heard it in the other room, and was like 'Is everything ok?' LOL


You got me scared right there.


That's racist!



Absolutely spectacular.


Lol, I clicked a bunch of links thinking that it was a real news site dedicated to SW.