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Kenneth Varano, D.O. Phil. Area


has anyone had any experince with this doctor in the phil. area ?....Kenneth Varano, D.O. thanks


well no negative replys , i think i'll give him a shot at being my doc. his nurse talks like he knows TRT game


just don't get your expectations up too high
read the finding a trt doc thread, and go in with low expectations and be armed and ready to have a serious two way conversation.
good luck.


I recommend printing out the Injection Protocol sticky and bringing it with you. I had it printed out with many of the more salient points highlighted for discussion. It went a long way in having my TRT Doc treat me as an equal and entertain my suggestions.

In the end it's your call, but I don't think it hurts to have a general understanding of what you're signing up for.

Good luck!


We are located outside philadelphia and a slew of people from here have visited


Well then I guess it doesn't matter :slight_smile: I didn't realize that and was only trying to help OP along. My Apologies...