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Kennelly Breaks All-Time BP Record...Again



1,075 pounds...with a pause. And as a 308. Hoo boy.


Damn good lift.


Oh shit.. ain't nothing wrong with that.



The guy is a freak. Its only a matter of time before 1100lb falls for him now.


first i was thinking, 'that was amazing'

then I was trying to imagine what 1000+ pounds would feel like in your hands

Then i realised that his bench press was my total...



forget about what it feels like in your hands, how about touching your chest?

no homo.


i thought the bench shirt did all the work?

.... no?

haha, i kid, i kid.



I really can't imagine holding that amount of weight


holy shit. thats almost twice my DEADLIFT!


Wow. That is the most amazing lift I have ever seen. It looked like he was using toy weights.


wow, not bad. almost as much as my cousins buddy's friend does.

haha, jk. amazing lift, i couldnt move that much with a fork lift. love to see that kind of stuff.

wonder what his guy says when people walk up to him and tell them that they have a buddy's friends uncle who does a little bit more.

inspiring stuff though to say the least.



Looks like a good lockout too. It's an insane level of strength to both grind it out and do a full lockout. Whatever he's doing, it's working!


Fucking sick lift!


Sweet Jesus...

Kennelly is 1/2 man, 1/4 Wildebeest, and 1/4 Gorilla.

I can't even comprehend how a man can rest pause over 1000 lbs.





You forgot the 1/8 forklift from his mothers side.


this should prove the why multi ply powerlifting is a joke wrong, he did not get a soft hand off i believe, paused and did get a full lockout


what kind of gear is he using? i bet it would break an ordinary mans ribs.

how the fuck do the bones in your hands not break?


That is dam amazing...but looked like he didn't lockout on his right side at the top, the spotter helped.

Still incredible.


Kennelly is the man!

He basically put this record out of reach for Mendy.