Keni Thomas.Ranger & Country Singer

I went to my first real country music concert last night. Pretty amazing since I’ve lived in the midwest my whole life…

I’m not a big country fan, though I do hear the occasional tune that sounds pretty good. My wife listens to it, so I hear most of the latest stuff.

However, the concert we attended last night was at my request. The opening act(and the reason I wanted to go) was Keni Thomas and his band Cornbread. My wife had never heard of him, but after eight songs or so, she was a fan.

I also came away a fan. Not so much a country fan, yet, but a Keni Thomas fan. His songs are patriotic and carry a message of duty and honor and talk of soldiers living and gone. Somethings he knows a thing or two about firsthand.

For those who don’t know, Thomas was also an Army Ranger and happened to be involved in a now famous battle in Mogadishu, Somalia that became the basis for the movie “Blackhawk Down”.

If you get a chance, check out his site. He also does motivational speaking engagements and might be coming to a town near you soon.