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Kendrick Farris and Squat Jerking


lot of talk about kendrick and his choice to squat jerk.
i love this technique, im going to work with it a lot in my training, simply because i enjoy it and it is fun.

who would this style of jerking suit more in competition over a power jerk or split jerk?

for most guys, seems that going so low makes the jerk HARDER.
it seems over the last year, kendrick only squat jerks.

thoughts anyone?
i love watching him lift, so much raw power.


Who would this style suit?

Someone who is can squat an absolute f0ck tonne and who has insane balance and with extreme mobility to say the least.

It suits anyone who can make it work. But is it time efficient and the most economical way for you to do it?

For me I'd take any style to get as much weight over head as possible and to keep the bar there until I get a buzzer. If that was to Squat Jerk I'd do it in a heart beat, but alas it isn't for me...

It looks so bad ass though!



thanks koing, i was asking because, i genuinly didnt know and really curious.
i guess i will just work all 3 major jerks into my training and have to see which one agress with me more.

do you think working on the squat jerk would make the power jerk easier at all? i dont know if it will have any carry over at all to the other jerks but just curious?
cheers bro


I can't see the vid/pic.


I'd work on one at a time mate. No point spending time doing all 3 mate. I'd work on Squat Jerk first if you must as it's he hardest one to pick up. Hence it looks so bad ass when someone does it!

The Squat Jerk is about getting under the bar, not about punching it up as the Power Jerk. If you can get the weight up that high without squating you wouldn't bother squating under it, so no need to squat jerk it, if you can power jerk it.

No carry over to the split jerk. The only thing all 3 are the same is the dip and drive. But after that it's different

squat jerk; you squat under it
power jerk; finish in a 1/4 squat or a bit deeper
split jerk; feet split forwards and backwards to get lower underneath the bar



IMO the split jerk looks more beautiful in my eyes....

For those who have practiced doing squat jerk, is it easier on the shoulders compared to split jerk? If yes, I'm willing to change and learn to squat jerk because I'm trying to "save" my shoulders.


Yes, the split jerk definitely looks better. You don't get that BAAAM sound in the squat Jerk :smiley:


thanks brother. just want to get it in there for fun.


Looks f0cking heroic. DO IT!

In one comp I want to Squat Jerk then Power Jerk then Split Jerk :smiley: lol



HAHA It does look awesome.
I just saw your other topic about the 3 lifts, I am going to actually start training like that for 1 session per week just for fun.


Jerk grip overhead squats kill my shoulders, flexibility is a must!

I do agree it looks bad ass when it's nailed.


Do you guys take a wider than usual grip when doing them to make it easier to stabilize the squat jerk? i notice kendrick does sometimes.


Yes most of the lifters will take a wider grip to Squat Jerk it. Helps the mobility and balance, but you still need a boat load of both.



I have noticed my power jerk has gotten perfectly straight now that I have been practicing the squat jerk. Doing the squat jerk correctly really teaches you how to power jerk better. Before I was simply trying to throw the weight up with reckless abandon. Now, I am in a perfectly-center throw and catch position in case I need to squat down, which is pointless for me at this point as my power jerk is significantly higher than my squat jerk.

Split jerking the same way each time will lead to hip power differences, although slight. I also like playing basketball and notice I'm a left-right jumper and a left-right split jerker. Hopefully the squat jerk will allow my right side to catch up with my left, which clearly generates more power.

Also, I just this past week switched my grip out an extra 4" or so on the clean recovery. It makes the weight much more stable overhead. More back strength and balance is required the closer your hands are in on the clean recovery.