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Ken Yasuda's Training?


Hello everybody!

Do you happen to know Ken Yasuda's training regime or other such info?

BTW, is he natural (no opinions, only facts)?



google you lazy fuck


"No opinions, only facts?"

Who the fuck is this guy?


Ken Yasuda was a top japanese bodybuidler, i think you are better served if you posted on the bodybuilding forum.


here, let me do all that research for you.


Very nice of you. hahaha

my favorite japanese bodybuilder still is Tomoko Kanda, she is so cute.


I seriously doubt that he is a natty...

But then again, what the fuck does this have to do with combat???


LOL wtf?


He works as a physical trainer for some MMA athletes


It's because he was the coach of a team on the IFL.

one thing is pisses me off is that everybody makes a japanese, automatically a Samurai or bushido-follower.


I know he made a training video with Don Frye. That makes you aces in my book !