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Ken Shamrock Vs. Tito Ortiz in....

The UFC is planning a fight between Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz sometime in September.

On Fox Sports Net they had Tito Ortiz bad mouthing the Lions Den and Ken Shamrock. It all started when it showed Tito flicking off a fellow Lions Den fighter after he beat him and then showed ken practically jumping in the ring about to kill Tito even though Ken was in his corner.

I would like to see Ken shut this dumbshit Ortiz up and I think he’ll be able to because he’s got more experience, strength, and I bet he’s got more heart. Tito ain’t gonna be able to just ground and pound someone like Shamrock. Of course I could be all wrong about all this. What do you guys think?

I’m not sure. A few years ago, I’d say Shamrock would win easily. However, he’s not getting any younger, as was demonstrated in Japan a year or so ago. Not so much an issue of his ability, just time catching up with him physically. Maybe he still has one last push left, but every athelete eventually reaches that point where they can’t perform at the elite level anymore.

That should be a good fight. They’ve been rivals for awhile now…

The Ortiz/Shamrock fight with Ken’s brother Frank was one of the best fights I’ve ever seen.
You’re right, Tito got gassed trying to ground and pound and Frank was so well-conditioned and his defensive skills so well honed, he kept working open-hand hits from the guard the entire fight…
I’d expect Ken to be able to arrive in similar condition.

Ken all the way. I hate the shithead Ortiz. I heard Ortiz mouthed off Vitor Belfords trainer after a UFC so Vitor beat the shit out of him. :slight_smile:

I think they both seem like arrogant dumbasses in need of a decent butt whipping.

Tito would eat ken , no questions about it. Ken just does not have it anymore. Tito and royce would be a much better match , although royce would probally pound tito.

Tito will not eat Ken. Anyone who thinks that knows nothing about mma. Tito is great against smaller opponents that he can outmuscle but he won’t be able to do this against Shamrock. I don’t know who is going to win but it should be a great fight.

Shamrock has 30 lbs on Tito. If Tito can come in heavier, he may be able to give Shamrock a tough time. I would love to see Shamrock win though.

Shamrock does not have 30 lbs on Tito. I beleive Shamrock was around 215 pounds for his last fight against Don Frye. Tito is only 205 lbs for the weigh in, he walks around at about 210 to 215 lbs maybe even more.

As per Ken Shamrock’s website: Height- 6’ , Weight-235lbs. I don’t know if this is his fight weight or not, but if its lower, then we may see a good fight.

I have to go with Ortiz on this one, but not by much. Ken is going to lose, but it’ll be by decision; there’s no way Ortiz is going to submit him. However, I do think that Shamrock is going to walk away (maybe crawl) with quite a beating.

Shamrocks weight on sherdog is not correct. I have his fight against Frye on tape and I decided to watch it last night to make sure what Shamrocks weight was. They said Shamrock was 212 lbs for the fight. Tito is a heavyweight who cuts down to light heavyweight for the weigh in. I remember some people saying that Tito actually looks bigger than Shamrock.

Tito and Ken are fighting for the LHW title so will both be under 205 on the weigh-in though will both probably be around 215 when they fight the next day. I heard the fight is in November at UFC 40. I think Tito will win, Ken’s had his day and Tito is so much better, i reckon ken will get stacked up against the fence and Tito will G’n’P him. Frank said that Tito was easily as strong as, or stronger than ken after their fight so i dont see strength being much of an issue. It should be a good fight, i give it to Tito.

Tito’s taller at 6’2" so that would make him look bigger. Ken must be coming down to light heavy. He has been as high as 247.

“Petey, my heart.” Had to be said even though Ken has proven himself against Frye. As for Ken at 6 feet tall - I doubt it. I’m 6’0’’ and I feel significantly larger than Ken. It’s been a few years but I don’t think he’s more than 5’ 11’’. Maybe shorter. I think Tito will look much larger than Ken when they do fight.

I think Ken’s height will come into play - Tito’s weakness IMO is his striking defence, once he gets hit it’s clinch and go to the ground (except in if in England, then just drop). If Ken can keep it standing and makes it a war we could see Tito get Ko’d. With his reach advantage Tito could nullify the striking effectively. More than likely the match will be Tito pushing Ken against the fence looking for a GnP decision.

Tito is a shithead. I’m still going for Ken. Granted I haven’t seen either of them fight for a long time. :slight_smile:

He may have weighed in at 212 but what did he fight at? Sherdog also lists him a 6’1 not 6’. Its unimportant anyways. Sounds like they will both be around 215 fo the fight however, which means bad things for Ken if he has to come down to 205 for the weigh in.

P<Who do you guys think is going to win between Couture and Rodriguez?

We must not forget that Tito is still recovering from a serious knee injury. Shamrock is a master of leg submissions so this could mean trouble. I don’t think Tito will be able to out strike Shamrock because every time Tito gets hit he runs away or goes immediately for a takedown and Ken has shown that he can throw some leather. Shamrock is known for being really tough to take down so this might be another problem for Tito. Of course Tito’s conditioning should be really good and the age difference will be a factor later on in the fight. Shamrock’s stamina is still questionable even though he proved in his last fight he could go the distance with a tough opponent. Shamrock gassed really bad in his fights before Frye. He was pounding Fujita but had to throw in the towel due to exhaustion.

Who’s your pick for the Couture Rodriguez fight. I’m rooting for Courture, but I’m not familiar with Rodriguez. Any thoughts?

IMO, using boxing’s history as a reference point, when a match is scheduled with fighters of different weight class the fighter who had to lose weight was always at a much greater disadvantage over a fighter that gained.

OF course this rule only applies if the fighter actually comes to the fight lighter and not just the weigh-in.