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Ken Shamrock Busted


lol he must have forgot..this was boxing rules......they test very very strict..as UFC types do not..and save ya breath..they dont..

By Scott Shaffer

According to the Vancouver Sun, MMA legend Ken Shamrock has likely ended his career at the age of 44 after testing positive to three forms of steroids. The California Athletic Commission has suspended Shamrock for one year, thus preventing him from fighting on a March 21st boxing/MMA card headlined by Roy Jones, Jr. Square Ring Promotions officials announced that the March 21st pay-per-view event will be held as scheduled at the Pensacola Civic Center in Florida. Jones will face Omar Sheika (27-8, 18 KOs) in the main event on the hybrid show, presented by Square Ring Promotions, in association with Hirsch Borao Boxing and the Pensacola Civic Center. ?The show will go on,? Square Ring Promotions CEO John Wirt stated. ?Ken said he was taking over-the-counter products and has requested an expedited appeal. We?re working with his group but, just in case, we are also looking for a possible replacement to fight Bobby Lashley. We have indentified some great replacements for Shamrock and have been in contact with them. A press release will be issued very soon as to which direction we will be going.?


Haha, yeah cause Boxing is so clean


That's right pan the UFC because we all know how squeaky clean boxing is. The worst news I heard this weekend is Don King is going to promote MMA events. This must be from the fact that boxing in general sucks.


I knew this would happen..but thats what debarte is for..but lets speak facts..boixing is by far the most tested sport...MMA is not..the last guy to get caught.In MMA I forget his name..has been said to claim..he was paid to be a lame..
James toney..decca..so stupid..lol
Fernando Vargas winsterol
Joey GiLbert -Adderal
francis Both - I forget..

and 1 china men for LASIX..so of course they do it..but the for the ammount of fights there is...its less then .1% all those wanna be MMA cards around the country are not tested...every boxer in the US must have a federal licsense.all shows are licsensed..and tested.. funny how 99% of all MMA guys just happen to be so strong...big..they prob on whey n creatine !
Don king ! involved ? cant be good for MMA..lol this was not a MMA vs Boxing post..I forgot to add the part..I was wondering.. what he got caught with..and if anyone knew..


as clean as ya avatars azzz lol


I wonder what drugs he tested positive for...


Come on now, you turned this into a debate between MMA and boxing by virtue of your initial post and your follow up. Any promotion operating within the US, in states that have regulatory bodies, have testing. The UFC is the major promotion and they test whether or not they are operating within the US.

That said, there are always going to be athletes that attempt to circumvent these tests - boxers or mixed martial artists or other. It happens regularly in the Olympics despite their strict testing protocols.

In Ken's case it was fairly obvious that he was using. It really doesn't affect MMA's image either as he is so far off the radar - he is 2-7 since 2002. It is great how you've brought this up as if it is some kind of game altering event when professional boxers who have been title holders have routinely tested positive over the past few years without so much as a whimper in popular media. It really doesn't matter.

This reminds me of a recent poll on ESPN which asked people which sport had more performance enhancer usage, football or baseball and the vast majority of respondents said baseball. While both have a performance enhancer predicament, it is ridiculous to think that baseball has somehow surpassed football when it comes to usage of performance enhancers...all you have to do is watch a game.


Also, I gotta say that it is highly entertaining to have someone on here espousing the detriment of the sport (MMA) due to heavy steroid usage, when that same poster lists themselves as a "pro boxer" in their profile, and the vast majority of their posts are in the steroid forum asking for tips on how to use steroids and ai's. Gnome sayin?


steroids are in everything...I wanted to know if anyone knew what he used.,I ment to paste more of the story..and deleted it..but im also smart enough to know steroids can help you train harder ,yes..but in no way..will ever help you punch harder..nor fight better..ask Vargas..he has never been the same since Oscar KO'D him..
I did not see that poll..id say football though...and this is not MMA vs boxing debate at all


It seems everyone gets busted in California. Is the CSA's testing better than other states? Or just a coincidence?


100% its tougher,as is Las Vegas..to of the toughest..


"Shamrock?s suspension runs until February 1, 2010 and he also faces a $2,500 fine after testing positive for Norandrosterone, Noretiocholanolone, and Stanozolol. Norandrosterone and Noretiocholanolone are metabolites of the commonly used anabolic steroid nandrolone, while Stanozolol is another commonly used performance enhancer."

i pulled that off the web.....i have no idea what Noretiocholanolone and Norandrosterone. perhaps metabolites of nandrolone...but no athlete that takes a drug test is gonna take either any of those drugs.....weird.


yes ya right..james toney used decca..and he said it was for his joints after surgery..but
he should have known..is say shamrock will be done now..


MMA fighters aren't always super genius's. Guys are always getting caught for things like deca and EQ.


How come people don't use the balco type roids where they pass all the drug test?




yeah, good point...

prolly the best thing that could happen to him, and keep him from getting any more damage...


What I don't understand is how it's that hard to stop using far enough out that you test clean. I know Tiago Alves has to be using, and he didn't get caught. Kind of like chris leben, dumb ass looked like he was using the day of his fight with bisping.


faked drugs may also come into play.. shooting a nandrolone, instead of test etc... ?


Chris didn't think they were going to be tested as the fights were in England.

Proper timing in order to beat a test requires some oversight by knowledgeable trainers...there really isn't a book out there that these guys can just pick up and start beating standardized testing. Obviously you could use a short cycle of orals for some of your off-season training camp and then test clean, but given that the time that MMA guys would really desire to use them (during their pre fight training camp) is typically around 2-3 months out from a fight, it makes it a little more difficult.

In my opinion, many of the ones who are getting busted are the guys who realize that others are using, but can't afford access to the best gurus and therefor rely on advice from 'friends' or others. Meanwhile those at the upper echelons of the sport are getting advice and help from the best that money can buy...money well spent in my opinion.

I'm curious to know if there is any testing currently done in Nevada and California regarding EPO or blood doping as I've seen some tremendous displays of cardiovascular endurance that seem to defy human reality. Anyone know the good word on that?