Ken Kinakin Sucks!

Actually, no he doesn’t, but would you have clicked on this thread if the title was something different?

Now that you’re here, you may as well find out what this is about.

A while ago, I ordered 3 videos from Dr. Kinakin’s site (

  1. The best assessment tool & eating programs for holistic heatlh by Paul Chek
  2. Tips, Tricks & Techniques of a World Champion Powerlifter by Ed Coan
  3. Individualistic Program Design Strategies by Brian Johnston

There are 2 options on Dr. Kinakin’s site: either get the DVD shipped to you, or download the video online. Being that the downloading option was cheaper, and it was instantaneous, that’s what I went with. Unfortunately, it did not work, and I sent an email to Dr. Kinakin describing what happened.

Here is what a class act he is. He apologized about what happened to me, offered to send me the physical versions of the DVDs, and even asked me to pick another DVD that he’ll send me for free as an apology for my troubles. I selected Charles Poliquin’s “The Best Assessment Tool & Eating Programs for Fat Loss.” Sure enough, he sent it all to me, including 1 thing I did not expect: notes from ALL the presenters at his 2004 SWIS symposium. These are the presentation slides for Mauro Di Pasquale, Eric Serrano, John Berardi, Udo Erasmus, Peter Twist, and several others. If that’s not ridiculously good customer service, I don’t know what is.

I am in no way associated with Dr. Kinakin, nor do I make any money if I refer anyone, but seeing as he went above and beyond for me, I want to be a good customer and refer a ton of people to him. So go to his site, and have a look around.

He fixed up my shoulder with ART. He’s a great guy. I drive all the way from Scarborough to see him.

[quote]Reef wrote:
He fixed up my shoulder with ART. He’s a great guy. I drive all the way from Scarborough to see him.[/quote]

Cool! Anyone else have good stories to share?


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