Ken Hutchins Condition

I can’t remember if it was this forum or the older one but someone had said Ken Hutchins was ill and I was wondering how he was doing . I thought Josh Trentine might know but I can find nothing about either one on the internet except a go fund me which I’m not going to do. Anybody know?

I talked with Ken on the phone a couple of days ago. He’s doing better and he sounded much improved.


Thanks ! I was amazed how little there was to be found about him on the internet not to mention how little there is about Superslow and if it’s still going strong or not? I’ve read lots of stuff about Kens fusses with Arthur and I always liked Josh .

Thanks for the update. I met Ken when we worked in the same office building in Maitland, FL years ago. In fact, he had me review one of his SuperSlow articles before publication.

Google serious exercise

I guess I should have said there’s not much new about Hutchins or /superslow . There’s tons of old stuff.

I very much enjoyed his e books “Music and Dance” and “Heart Strong”… I know some feel superslow did not provide them good results, but there is much more to superslow than just moving slowly… Ken now espouses timed static contraction, and I think TSC and SS are valuable tools to add to anyone’s toolbox, albeit, not everyone will choose to use those protocols exclusively.

When he wound down his association with Renex, I thought he was going to retire. But since then, he has published a new book (Music and Dance), set up a new web site (Serious Exercise), and shifted to the promotion of static exercise protocols. He now offers a “Super Statics” certification, and had continued to develop and sell equipment for static exercise, at least up to the point where he got sick.

What he doesn’t have (and never did have) is a social media presence.

Is Joshua Trentine still with him?

If they have a continuing business relationship, it isn’t apparent from anything I see on the internet. Joshua did promote the Music and Dance book on the Renex web site. But otherwise, that site is pretty quiet, and they don’t seem to be actively promoting the equipment. I’m not sure if you can still buy new Renex gear. Perhaps Richard would know, via his contacts in the HIB community?

Some of those Renex machines were pretty nice machines but I don’t recall ever seeing one for sale on eBay or whatever ?

Received a group email from Ken Hutchins yesterday. The only detail he gave regarding his health was that he “can barely stand and walk”.

That doesn’t sound good! I wish there was a way to find out more.

I don’t believe renex equipment is for sale except on secondary market… there are some that come up once in a while…