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Ken Griffey Jr.


Retires today


I know, hes been done for quite sometime. But growing up in Seattle when he was in his prime watching him play everyday it is a sad day for me.


Ken Griffey Junior. Maybe he'll get more love if people know what fuck you are talking about.

When you start falling asleep during games...its time to switch to manager.


He was my favorite player growing up next to the Big Hurt - Frank Thomas.

Although Jr. should have retired a few years back. He was just painful to watch the past few years.


His video games were awesome.


Didn't he just get here???


? No.

He's played 22 seasons.


Had a sweeter swing and faster hands than Bonds, did it the right way and he'll be missed


What a swing is right. Too bad he had those injuries, his pace was right on track to reach Henry Aaron's record. Can't feel real sorry for the guy though, he played a kids game for 22 years and made a ton of money.


To clarify for you... Junior was drafted by the Mariners and played with them for over a decade (his most productive years). He then played for the Reds for 8+ years, White socks for half a year and was signed by the Mariners; a rather big homecoming. So, in a way he just got there, but not in the minds of baseball fans. Hope that helps.

It's too bad the Mariner's are underachieving so badly this year (says the Phillies fan). I really thought they made some good moves in the off season and were going to at least contend.

Farewell to one of the few great players in the game today that was never implicated for PEDs. A true class player who every fan could cheer for.


Fucking this.


This, his swing was poetry in motion.


He did have the prettiest swing in baseball. I wish he never left Seattle and never got hurt. He'd have smashed Aaron's record.


Yeah, unfortunately he's one of those guys I'll always associate with "what could have been".


Which is weird because he's still got more home runs than everyone but 4 other players in history, haha.


It's not because he was bad but because he still had that good a carrier while essentially losing, what, 3 or 4 prime years.


What a swing, and to watch him run down balls in the outfield was fantastic! I've always hoped the rumors of his work ethic were exaggerated. It is hard to believe "The Kid" is 40 years old with 630 HRs.


I totally agree with you, I think it was more like 5 or 6 years, though.

He was my favorite player growing up. I used to collect KGJ cards.


I heard he kept his training low profile because he liked that people thought he could just go out and play.