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Kelso's Shrugs


came across kelso's shrug book online...anyone read it and can share some exercises


Just buy the book and tell US about it.


very helpful


It's a good read - haven't looked through it in about 6 years but I remember thinking it was worth the money. A decent addition to your library; if you spend 10 bucks on it and learn even one thing, it was worth it. So buy it.


Try here:


Do you know the name of the bar / training apparatus the guys are using in those pictures?

Looks very interesting...


Interesting contraption, isn't it? very bing/google-resistant, too!


Lol' hinged trap bar thingamajig... I tried googling it myself but no joy!


We had on in my old gym, the arms go up and down and also swing out, its like a combination of db press and flye, works quite well.

Can do what you want as well. Either more of a press or keep the arms stiff and do a flye.


oops... no its not didn't look at the pic correctly. FAIL


Buy the book. Support Paul Kelso. It's $12, and a great read.