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Kelso Shrugs


I recently bought his book from Elitefts.com and wondered if anyone has had any experience using all the shrug variations he prescribes?

I've had a go with the Kelso shrugs and man could I feel that in my traps!


I got the book recently too - try the different shrugs and see what you like. Personally I like the Kelso shrug (incline bench), bench shrugs and Hise shrug (done on standing calf press). I didn't really like the dip shrugs, cable-cross shrugs, or lat-pulldown shrugs.


I also have the book. I like the Hise shrug and the Trap Bar shrugs


Kelso shrug??? What is it?


"Kelso shrug??? What is it? "

Its like a regular shrug, but every now and then you yell out "BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRN"!


Same position as a bent over barbell row, but you shrug instead of row.