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Kelly Baggett Q--Excessive Dorsifexion, Gait and Hips


I was reading a Q&A with Kelly about how excessive dorsiflexion can affect athletic performance. I didn't understand this part of his answer:

"Try tolling your hips back and doing it. It's much easier. The anterior ( top of the hips rolled forward) posture is very common amongst athletes and, although it has it's disadvantages and problems such as tight hip flexors, it probably offers some leverage advantages as it's found in top sprinters nearly 100% of the time. Posterior (hips back) posture is the opposite."

Which hip postion is favorable for an athlete: posterior or anterior tilt?


anterior pelvic tilt. I wouldn't call it "beneficial" necessarily, but it is extremely common amongst athletes. Kinda like being a little pigeon toed; you will typically see toe in vs. toe out.