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Kelly Baggett is a Genius!

Just wanted to post this because I just visited his site and was amazed at how intelligent and well informed he is concerning speed and and power.

That might be the 8000th time that’s been posted…

Don’t make it any less true though!

Yeah Kelly’s THA MAN!!!

bah, he’s a bum. don’t know nuttin’. forget about it.

I think Kelly is a very smart dude and I thank him as well as all the other great coaches who not only share their thoughts and ideas but do so without charging an arm and a leg for information.

Hey Guys,

Someone mentioned he wrote a 20 page article. Would anyone mind providing me the link?


go to higher-faster-sports and look in articles it’s a simpletons guide to speed training

Fo sho,

I have no coach, I must train by myself…
So thank you Kelly for helping coach myself !

Your site is awesome.

Put a Q&A search engine… Tate did it for his site and it rocks

Kelly Baggett was my favorite poster on this site.

[quote]dl- wrote:
Yeah Kelly’s THA MAN!!![/quote]