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Kelly Bagget and Bill Roberts

First of, Kelly how much BCAA’s and Glutamine would you reccomend I be taking during meltdown training. Also when should I take them, during the workout and after? Bill Im planning on going 6 weeks on the diet and not worried about building muscle, just mainataining it. Would six straight weeks of Androsol be alright to do? I know its over the time thats recc. on the bottle, but would it still be effective at maintanining my muscle mass during the fifth and sixth week? How many bottles would I need for 6 weeks at 70 sprays a day? Thank you both for your time and responses.

Justin…I know I’m not either of the two you addressed this to, but for Kelly to helpyou w dosing he’s prob gonna need to know your body weight. Also I think pre and post w/o consumption lends itself a bit to what your caloric levels and carb levels are. Hit back with some of that info first…Mike

They are also going to need to know what your current diet is. So details on that will be vital.

Go to intensity magazine and pull from the archives, volume 1, issues 12-15, and Kelly explains it all there in a 4 part continued article on every thing you wanted to know about BCAA and glutamine supplementation but was afraid to ask. Very informative and helpful series of articles worth reading. Good job Kelly.

Also wanted to add on the Androsol, I just finished a 12 week cutting cycle (went from 15% to 6-7%) and I added Androsol during the final 6 weeks by doing 70 sprays in the morning only and then taking 4 Tribex with protein shake and fish oil before bed. It worked very well that way and my strength actually went up during the time period at the end of the cutting cycle which amazed me. I felt great on the morn only androsol / evening only Tribex. Oh, also, I did the Tribex on a 5 on, 2 off each week. And I was using thermal fat burners too. They really help me.