KellsBells 1st Contest Prep Journal

Day 16
1x3 squats, 245lbs
3x5 Mil Press, 110lbs
1x4 power cleans, 140lbs

So, total crap day at the gym. Had to literally sneak out of the office to get to the gym. Once there, my right hip (think it the adductor magnus) started acting up. I felt it a little during my last warm up set for squats, and then on my working set I got to the 3rd rep and could feel that the muscle was just about to give.

I racked the weight, and did some foam rolling, but it was still pretty much dead. Went on to presses, though I had the bar loaded for 115, but forgot to put the last 5lb plate on the right side of the bar, so I spent 3 sets wondering why I was struggling to raise to bar evenly.

I am kind of proud that I managed to keep good form for the whole thing though. I tried to do power cleans, but I couldn’t get the explosion I needed on the first pull, and after 4 reps I pretty much was out of gas.

Additonally, I was out of time, so I had to race back up to the office. Hopefully some foam rolling, mobility work, and gentle prehab exercises tomorrow will fix things. I think for HIIT tomorrow I’ll be doing some light weight upper body ciruits, to give the leg a break.