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Kelloggs Corn Flakes and Sex Drive

In “Foods that make you look good nekkid” back in issue 172 the editors talk about Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and how they were designed to reduce sex drive (it was also mentioned in last issue’s Readers’ Mail). I am writing a paper on the history of sex and this anecdote would be perfect. Does anyone know where I could find information on this with reliable and citable sources?

I found that info on Kellogg by typing the name and something like “sex” or “sex drive” into a search engine like Yahoo. You’ll find a lot of info on this on the web. I think Kellogg wrote a book on this topic, but I could be wrong.

Hey If Pervert or anyone else if you do find it can you post it on this thread I would be very interested to find this info to.

i just did two searches 1 for sex and kellog and 1 for circumsicion and kellog.
There are good sites with this info all over the place

This is the reference for his book wich apparently has most of the info in there.

Definetly do a search its easy to find the info

John Harvey Kellog, Treatment for Self-Abuse and Its Effects, Plain Facts for Old and Young," Burlington, Iowa: P. Segner & Co. 1888, p. 295. This reference was obtained from Historical Medical Quotes on Circumcision