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Kellie Davis: What a Beast!




The high step ups looks like a good solution to training legs without aggravating my back. Will have to give those a try.


But look how big and bulky she is..... Hahah RIIIGHT! GREAT work Kellie! You rock! =D


those are some atrong bridges and hip thrusters


I know. Right? There's nothing manly about her.


I think she looks huge and manly. A good example of why women should avoid serious training.


snap crackle pop


next buck angel in the making.

also, i see she's wearing vibrams. i approve.







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Nice! I'm totally adding those BB glute bridges to my routine.


the buck angel comment was sarcasm, akin to all of the other "OMG wow she really is manly" comments.

get a firehose to wash the sand out of your vagina, student.


Not weird at all. Speaks to your character. Good priorities.


BBB - noted. Maybe a not quite such high step will work for me. I've got a lot of dodgy stuff going on, alignment-wise.


Nice vid, she's strong, doing some effective excercises, and has good form. If the point of the vid was for the viewer to watch it and get a good idea of her training in one session, then someone needs to edit down those high rep sets, imo. yawn. Unless I am missing the point here...




That was all one session? yikes..
I'm slacking then.


Well it was only 4:46 minutes of working out :wink:


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