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Kel Tec's New Shotgun Revealed



Fuckin bonerific.


I'll pass on that.. not my style.


Bad ass! Not sure I want to pay $800 for a shotgun but it's very tacticool.


14 rounds WTF . that and a desert eagle OMG .


Definitely for room clearing and short range work only. It doesn't appear to have an adjustable stock, which surprises me. Probably designed specifically for the first in the door short guy.


Do want




looks fuckin sick but im not sure i would buy it...maybe if i had enough to money to just buy it for the hell of it i would, but i think i would rather spend 800 bucks elswhere on another firearms...but awesome find thanks for that!!


I would seriously think about it because I have shit accuracy with rifles/pistols. Remember that scene from Unforgiven where Eastwood is trying to hit a can with the pistols, whiffs it every time, then blows it away with a double barrel? That's pretty much me.


Reminiscent of the Sten gun SMG. Just more badass


Keltec has some cool stuff coming out recently, the 30 round .22 mag for instance just sounds like fun.


please please please be legal in NJ


I like the rail system. I've always thought a scope and/or laser sight would come in handy on a shotgun with an 18.5" barrel. Those 10 yard shots are hard to line up sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, if I had the money to piss away I'd buy one in a heartbeat. I can hardly imagine how much fun that thing would be.


Semi-auto would have been a nice touch.


agreed... with 14 shells at ure disposal a semi-auto mechanism would've been perfect...


It looks like that shotgun from the Halo games.
What a fun thing to have at home...



I thought I was the only person that didn't like pump shotguns.


In a semi auto if you get a fail to fire you have to come out of your mount to cycle the action, if it happens in a pump you can just pump again. Pump shotguns are the revolvers of the shotgun world, if something goes wrong it is a simple fast process to get another round in the chamber and ready to go. Also auto loaders can have issues with failure to feed if you are using bird shot or any reduced recoil round, with a pump there is no issue.

I think it looks like a great shotgun, 18.5" barrel which means with slugs you are accurate out to 100y. Switchable mag tubes so you could have one full of slugs and one full of buckshot, if you need a slug just switch and pump.

Keltec makes great products and stands behind their guns with a lifetime warranty, also it's made in America. I have a P-11 and love it.


Pumps suck for trap shooting. That's why I don't like them.


Aren't guns outlawed in NJ?

It's a damn sexy gun. Those AR-15s and clones do nothing for me, but this is pretty bad ass. Sadly my firearm allocation is already used up with a CZ 550 FS in .308 and a Kel-Tec PF9. Not like it will be out and available for a few years anyway haha.