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Keith Olberman Goes after Beck



Well I guess when you cant argue with the facts attack the person.



bad website


You mean a trojan horse virus on the website?


Ok here's a video from a safer site. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/09/01/keith-olbermann-destroys_n_274109.html
The sad thing is Olbermann is calling Glenn a liar, just an uneducated dolt who doesnt rehearse. When I see stuff like this I really start to think that the media and the White House are in bed together to fool you into thinking that Barry O. is our savior.


Keith Olberman could not hold Glen Beck's jockstrap.


You're right Maximus. He's just not in his league.


LMFAO!! Gee, Captain Obvious, ya think?


Hahaha! but at least more and more people are seeing it and guys like Olbermann are getting more and more irrelevant.


I hope. Supposedly the more conservitive media outlets are getting all the ratings these days.


I saw KO on Bill Maher and he was just a douchebag.


Olbermann would calling Beck an idiot shows who the real idiot is. Olbermann thinking that stringing words together in a chain to sound like he's using big words impresses people shows that he isn't as bright as he thinks he is. I'm sure he thinks his silly glasses raise his perceived IQ by at least a hundred points but they aren't working either.

Beck at least gives a historical context to the things that he is pointing out. Plus the history Beck digs up is interesting and not superficial like Olbermann like we saw in Olbermann's video. The Russians are not the ones who originated the word Czar. It is merely the Russian spelling and pronunciation of a word they inherited from the Byzantines who used the Roman word for emporer, Ceasar.

If you really want to understand where Obama is trying to take us all you need to do is look at Europe. Obama's ideology is very much in line with European socialism. Europe is self destructing, if we follow their example we are going to end up in the same mess they are in. Beck is doing the right thing in pointing out where we are headed.


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They are both the same to me.

I hope Glenn Beck and Nancy Grace get hit by the same Greyhound bus.


Exactly, any enemy of Olbermann is a friend of mine.


It is because Beck doesnâ??t wear a Jock, he has little pink panties :slight_smile:


The Olberman-Beck wars will be the bloodiest this country have ever faced. Once they begin marshalling their forces to themselves, and the drums of war can be heard beating from both camps, hold on to your knickers. I'm picturing banners unfurled over massive armies. Banners marching towards each other, preparing to collide in brutal combat. Banners bearing the profile of Olberman and Beck. Did I mention there will be banners?


Tha was vfucking good , i don't watch Olberman , maybe I should


LOL... how could you possible think Beck is rational after seeing that video.. Loved Oligarh - damn that shit is rich.


Perhaps, but Beck's "vagina" is bigger than KO's dick. Fox News' ratings are killing most if not all other media, and Beck did front a campaign to have a czar removed. You can try to knock him all you want, but he pulled the POTUS' bitch card.


you guys actually watch this shit(OB/Beck)?

how sad.