Keith Klein...

 I was just rummaging through old training and nutrition materials and found some books and tapes by Keith Klein (If I remember correctly, he used to write for MM2000). 
 I learned about him right at the same time I started to train. His information about how to read nutrition labels really helped me to make better choices, and kept me from making simple mistakes. 
 I got a lot from his work, even though he was a bit too anti-fruit/anti-fat for my tastes. But I was able to learn about the importance of the glycemic index right out of the gate, so I consider myself fortunate.
 Anyway, Keith seems to have fallen off the map, and I just wonder if anyone knows what he has been up to these days. 
 Thanks.    Takuin

I used to be a Lee Labrada fan - I bought some of Keith’s books from Labrada’s website.

I’d like to know where he is as well.