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Keiser Infinity vs. Cable Stacks

Does anyone have any experience with the Keiser infinity functional trainer( http://www.keiser.com/products/infinity/functionaltrainer.html ), and if so, how would it compare to a more traditional style functional trainer using weight stacks, such as the following made by Magnum Fitness( http://www.magnumfitness.com/template.php?p=catalog&action=display_prod&m=0&cat=E-Series&sub=Chest&prod=189 )

I realize the air resistance with the Keiser line allows for training at much higher speeds, but I was curious as to how the top resistance at 106 pounds(53 per side) due to the air would stack up against two 225 pound weight stacks.

If money were not a factor, which product would you choose if you had limited space and could only select one or the other?

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I clearly think the air resistance would be superior, it’s just that in my mind(and with a limited background in physics, hah, hah), 53 pounds per side max(even training at a high speed) seems like you’d hit a point where progression was limited.

No experience with either, but my suggestion would be to find a gym or dealer that has the equipment in question and try it out.