Kegrice Gym in San Diego, CA


I am moving to San Diego in August and have been anticipating training at Kegrice Gym. Unfortunately, its website is down and I can never reach anyone when I call. Is it still in business? I see it moved to Chula Vista from downtown. If anyone can assuage my fears, I would greatly appreciate it.



I went by there several months ago. It looked like a great place to train. It had inconvenient hours so I never worked out there. I live in Chula Vista so I will check into the new location and get back to you.

My name is Matt and I train at the new place in Chula Vista. The Powerlifters usually train on mon,wed,friday, and I train on sundays as well.

We are a fairly small group now but we have everything you will need. There is a group of college football players that train on tuesday and thursday nights. We all usually get there around 6-630 pm at night.

PM me and I’ll give you a phone number if you want some details.