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Kegel Exercises

I have a question about strengthening the Kegel muscles. This is not an area commonly associated with strength training or bodybuilding, but still I think it’s a topic that most readers will have an interest in. Basically what they say is to strengthen the Kegels contract them for about 10 seconds and repeat for about 15 times for a set, or something like that. But to me this seems inadequate. It’s like trying to get stronger biceps by flexing - you’re not going to be curling 225lbs. for reps anytime soon by doing this. So my question is - “Are there any weight training exercises or the like that will give strength to the Kegels?”. My goal is to be able to knock off lamp posts from across the room. Any info is greatly appreciated.

I read a short article in mens fitness about a martial artist who added resistance to his kegel exercises, first with towels and then with a small weight attachment. After about 3 decades, he was lifting around 300 lbs (serious, they showed a pic). It’s something you couls try, very lightly (half a pound would be fine), gradually and cautiously. Tips: he said he always flexed and held with the weights in a squatting position. You wouldn’t want to do reps or let the weight hang at any point in time without your pc muscles being flexed, lest you do damage to your member. I wouldn’t train the pc muscles everyday, though. Normal principles of muscle recovery apply to them as well. You’ll probably need an erection to do these exercises, but strangely enough the martail artist didn’t mention his normal “warm up” routine. Ha! Anyway, be careful, you crazy sob.

Jesus, “lamp posts”?!! You mean across the room, out the window and out onto the street? I’d hate to walk past your place at the wrong time!