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Keg Training

I want to mix thing up and try some keg training. I can not find any kegs. Anyone have any good ideas as where to get one? I have called liquor stores and a micro brewery with no luck. I have also looked online and all I can find are soda kegs not the good barrel looking ones that I need. Thanks everyones for your help!!

I was looking for kegs for along time and couldn’t find any, they are a lot harder to get now it seems.

Make friends with people that work at bars or local stores (or are just drunks). You might be able to have them slip you an old one. or find a place with a cheap deposit for kegs buy it drink it, don’t return to.

Ahahaha. I have some good information to offer you!

If you look in the phone book you could find a metal recycling place and more than likely buy one off of them.

dont be so quick, alot of kids sell back kegs to the metal recycle places since they give you more than a beer distributer, so it wont be worth your time/money

Are you near any colleges? I would look up beer distributors, thats where i go for kegs, not that it happens that often

drive over to asu or arizona and just ask around. I think I have 4 or 5 sitting in my garage that I’ve been meaning to recycle.

The bar i worked at wouldn’t give me one , they said that metal prices had gone up and therefore the keg deposits were getting more expensive. So i threw a 3 keg party, and kept two of the kegs. I was also lucky enough that when I returned the kegs they guy working at the liquor store gave me the keg deposit as well as the tap deposit.