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Keg Training


I'm aquiring some kegs 12 bucks each,
i had an article that explained how to set it up with a screw top to adjustable load water, sand, antifreeze etc-cant find it any ideas or comments


This might be the article:


My apologies if it isn't.


Hey Steelman,
where or how did you get your kegs?
I been trying to get some with no luck.
I don't drink and don't support it so I wont go out and buy keg of beer. looking for empties.



You could try on craigslist. I posted in the "wanted " section that I was looking for an empty and got a bunch of replys. I ended up getting it for free.




Let's split the cost, I'll drink the beer, you can have the keg. Everyone wins.


Yeah id take me a year to drink that keg- Call around your liquor stores- I guy I found sells unlimited amounts to me at 20 apiece Cezar gave me some good tips as well as Franz Snideman to get them ready.By the way, Josh Henkin's DVD and Sandbag Rocks!!