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Keg training

sorry if this is in the wrong place.

After reading Chris Shugarts web log about training with kegs i managed to get a hold of an empty keg for GPP work at home. I have two questions.

1.) the keg still has it’s ball tap and it’s still presurized. What’s the best way to depressurize the keg and the fill it with water?

2.) Besides carrying and squatting what other exersizes can i do with it.


take a flat head screwdriver and force it around the edge of the ball which will release the pressurized air and then you can slowly pour out the contents and then refill the contents with a hose or a watering can.

Exercises with a keg

front/bear hug squats

Overhead walks

barbell rows


Bear hug walks

pullover and presses

reverse curls

the list is endless

best of luck