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Keg training (help)

I’ve been training renegade style for a while now, and I’m trying to incorporate a keg into my workouts now. I just picked one up today, and I’m wondering what’s the best way to set it up so I can put water in it. What have you guys done?

Put water into a keg? That’s sacrilegious…

I, unfortunately, have never done any keg-work. I do seem to get this funny feeling ‘down there’ when we start talking about dino training. Anyone else have ideas?

Haha, yeah Patricia… every one of my buddies said the same thing last night. Maybe I’ll fill it with Michelob Ultra instead. (you see that commercial?)

I just got the valve off the keg though. I just took the whole core out… theres that little ball bearing in a rubber o-ring. I just stuck a prybar down there and ripped it out. I thought that did it, but that just opens a long tube that runs right down the middle. You can put water in, but it doesn’t come out. So I drilled another hole up top, right next to the valve and I’m just going to get a rubber stopper to plug it.

Ike - bro, you should get one. I haven’t even gone through a workout yet, but I was just messing around with some snatches and cleans and stuff. OH MAN, this is going to be fun. Too bad its just starting to get cold here in Chicago. Ah well… Coach D. has renegade skullies on sale… I’ll have to grab a couple. Have a good one everyone!

I do full keg lifts every weekend… of course tending bar requires it but I look forward to the challenge. Incidentally, I’m deadlifting more than ever now too.

In a related Dino-note, out at the farm we have some tool-bar I like to play around with. What’s that? Simple. It’s a steel bar about 2" square on edge, and about 7 feet long. I have no idea how much it weighs, but it’s fun to play around with, doing overhead presses and such. No-one’s been able to clean it yet, (even my brother, who cleans right around 300), due to the grip, but it’s a fun challenge.