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Keeping Vegetables Fresh?

so how do you keep spinach and salad stuff fresh for a week? 2 days 3 at the most and it’s getting brown and wilted. do the prepackaged salads not last as long as say a head of lettuce and so on. or do you repackage them or is my fridge screwed or something? i never was big on vegetables so i never learned these things and i’m wasting more than i use and it gets annoying. oh and the farmers market here is only open about 3 hours a week during the time i work so any of those suggestions won’t help. don’t know what they were thinking there i guess they only want to sell to old people who don’t have to work. thanks for any help

sorry bro but ya gotta buy good fresh food. food. mmmmm. food is like fucking great. food is what i most care about on this earth. sure i may pay lip service to lots of other stuff but when it comes down to measuring my actions food is my #1 priority. why wouldn’t it be everyone’s ? i don’t know. there’d sure be alot better food available at more convenient hours if people would just have some self-respect and eat good food. no, not just eat good food -demand good food… ah well…oh yeah for spinich ya gotta shake it up, squeeze all the air out and clip it. just like potato chips. heads of lettuce definitely last longer, but not if you’re buying one that’s already a month old, but how would you know cause they breed those things to look good even if they’re dead. especially if they’re dead.

yeah supermarkets are really vegetable morticians… unless it’s iceberg we’re talking about which was genetically crossbred for the military to last for frickn ever because its has no nutients in it which can spoil, so iceberg i guess is something like zombie lettuce or body snatcher lettuce.anywho … sorry for the tangents bro but i was just over there at the legalize marijuana thread so cut the dude some slack eh?,

…la di da… fresh food will last longer taste better and be better for you. don’t forget you get what you pay for. the early bird gets the worm. and if you catch it - see doctor and get rid of it.

Unless you own a Sub-Zero fridge, you’re just going to have to deal with grocery shopping at least twice a week.

The packaged preprepared salad is in its own little protective environment, this slows down the deteriation of the sald in the bag, as soon as you open the bag the salad accelerates its breakdown and goes all brown n shitty v quick! Not only that they charge you three/four times the price to prepare it for you. Some veg stay fresher in the fridge and some don’t , have to google to check that one. For me i normally stick to frozen veggies.

Buy frozen veggies.

I buy enough spinach, etc for 2 days worth of veggies/salad and get it all prepped as soon as I get home. Once you’ve made your salad, toss it in an airtight container, a few drops of fresh lemon or lime juice, and it retains its structural integrity quite nicely.

(warning, keep tomatoes and avocados quarantined - released only upon pre-salad consumption)

You can put a paper towel in with your spinach and it will stop it from getting slimy and nasty.

thanks for all the ideas guys, i’m taking them all down.

[quote]Nate Dogg wrote:
Buy frozen veggies.[/quote]

This is the way to go. In general, frozen vegetables from the supermarket have more nutrients than the fresh vegetables from the supermarket. And the frozen will stay frozen in your freezer and not go bad.