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Keeping Up With Needed Daily Cal. Intake??

After reading JB’s “Massive Eating” articles I calculated I need about 4500 to 5000 cals a day, when I saw this # my jaw dropped to the ground so hard my freakin house shook! I bet some of you are thinking 4500 isn’t alot but it is for me.

Anyways my problem is that i’m a student (last semester) and can’t eat out everyday, nor can I prepare food every night, hell sometimes i’m not even home to do so. I’m just Wondering if anyone could share some past experiances where they were able to keep up with their daily intake while going through school or any like situations. If anyone has a quick cheap fix I would love to hear it. :smiley:


I’ve already ordered some Grow!, and just waiting for it to arrive.

Moe- I know exactly what you mean, I am a student too. I know you’re not gonna like this, but you just have to suck it up and do it. I am extemely busy, but this is extremely important so I get it done and eat all 8 meals each day. Why can’t you prepae your meals the night before? Sure, it sucks at first, but when you get used to it, it’ll seem like nothing. If it’s important to you you’ll get it done. You do what you gotta do to play. What helped me was writing two food logs. One for training days and one for non-training days. Make one for each and eat the same stuff every day, and add calories when necessary. Just start it up, you’ll get used to it.

I posted a similar question last week, I think. I was only needing to add 600 cals. Some of the suggestions were adding natural peanut butter to protein shakes. Whole eggs, whole milk, and less lean cuts of meat. The peanut butter is easy for a college kid. The other stuff, not so. Hard boiled eggs are pretty portable, but perishable, easy to make ahead though and keep in the refer for a quick snack, same with cheese.

Somewhere around here is a recipe for a pudding made from cottage cheese and Grow.

And just cause someone needs to/will say it have you tried using the search engine :stuck_out_tongue:

JB has an article (believe it is in 2 parts) about taking a day like sunday and spend an hour or 2 preparing food. Can’t remember the title, but it was written a few months ago.

I know what you mean about the calories. JB’s calculator said I needed around 3700 calories and now that I’ve reached that number I am adding weight.

Try some almonds (non salted), walnuts, or shell less sunflower seeds. They are very portable and calorie dense.

When you need to eat a lot of calories, fats are your friends. With 9 cals per gram, make sure you’re getting enough of your good fats.