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Keeping Track of My Lifts


whats the best way to keep track of your lifts in a notebook ?



Monday, April 18/2011
Barbell Bench Press- (4(sets)x8-10(reps)) 155x10, 225x8, 250x8, 255x8
DB Incline Press- (3x6-10) 45x10, 50x8, 55x8, 60x6
Calbe Flyes- (3x6-10) 35x10, 40x10, 50x8

Ect. The larger number is the weight.

How I keep track and it helps.


Yes, I track just how listed above but I usually don't list my warm ups. I use a tiny composition notebook and just keep it at the gym so I can reference my previous lifts.


Notebook. I prefer traditional pen and paper.

Document it like so:
DL: Warmup, weightxreps, weightxreps, weightxreps | Reverse Band DL: Weightxreps, weight x reps, etc | Pullthroughs: sets x reps (ex. 5X15), abs, calves.
Fasted morning cardio: 25 mins.

That's pretty much an entry out of my log. I also like to record of I have a really off-day so I can look back at what I did before then to see where I fucked up. Similarly I like to record when I'm kicking ass and taking names. I use a highlighter and use normal yellow for kicking ass and orange for getting my ass kicked (I'm a visual learner, my notes for classes look like a fucking coloring book but I can distinguish one thought from the next at a glance).

I don't take it with me to the gym because I don't document weights for anything but main lifts and supplemental lifts. I don't record weights for accessory shit (does it really matter if I did 5 more lbs this week on triceps pushdowns? Fuck no).