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Keeping the Weight Coming Off


Hi! New to the forums and looking for some advice.

Ive been going to the gym now for roughly 3 months, I go 5 days a week (m-f) and stay there about 1.5-2.0 hours. I begin my workout with 1h on an elliptical, I do the random programs the machine offers. I keep my pace between 142-150 steps per min at a resistance of 9. I than hop on a treadmill and cool down for about 5-10 mins.

Afterward I hit up strength training. I wont bother listing everything I do, but I have about 10 different exercises. I do 5 m-w-f and the others t-th.

As far as supplements go. I take 3-4 scoops of whey protein a day, along with a mulit-vitamin.
Ive completely modified my diet. Intaking anywhere from 1700-2000 calories a day.

Breakfast 8am
2pkg oatmeal w/ 1 or 2 scoops of protein
Lunch 12pm
Wheat Sub sandwich- chicken veggies and mustard
After workout 8pm
2 scoops protein
Dinner 9pm
2 chicken breasts boiled adding 1/2 cup salsa

During this time ive lost about 17 lbs. Most of which has been in the last month.

The trainer at the gym said the way Im exercising I wouldnt start seeing much weight loss for awhile, but after my body adapts to the weight training the pounds should start falling off.

The results thus far are acceptable, but id like to see if I could at least maintain the weight loss I experienced in this last month. Should I expect the weight to start falling off or do I need to modify my exercise routine?

Thanks for your help

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how much do you weigh


Weighed in yesterday at 311


well currently you are eating about half of what it would take to maintain 311 lbs. so with that in mind, if you keep the diet the same, you should continue to see losses since you weigh so much. I would suggest getting 1 gram of protein per lb lean bodymass, eating healthy fats(like almonds/natural nut butter/olive oil) and loading up on all the vegetables you can eat, since they are practically calorie "free" and very satiating. Eat 5 smaller meals per day to keep your metabolism burning. If possible do you walk/eliptical in the morning. Lift heavy. No cheat meals! At least not until your body comp improves by a great deal.


You're 5'10 and weight 311 and the trainer said that you shouldn't see much weight loss for a while?

Hmmmm, I completely disagree and you should start seeing it fly off you when you start eating clean and exercising.

There's better people on here than me to give advice, but I'd recommend doing the cardio component after your weight training. This ensures that you've depleted your glycogen stores and can tap into your fat reserves for energy. You're also limiting your strength gains by depleting yourself for so long, before your actual workout. 5-10 mins on the elliptical to warm-up is fine and then hit the weights. Push yourself as hard as you can in the weight department so that when you do the cardio after, you're already exhausted. You'll should then see some huge results.

Diet looks pretty clean, but I'd suggest adding in a morning snack 2-3 hours after breakfast, as well as an afternoon snack 2-3 hours after lunch. Those snacks should consist of more protein and veggies.

You could have a better lunch if you want to get picky, but in your case, I think it's pretty good. The last thing you want to do is cut your diet to the extreme, for you'll have less of a chance of actually following it (unless you're extremely disciplined). I'd keep it as it is, just add in the 2 snacks for you want to keep your metabolism humming along throughout the day.

Edit: I think loosing 17lbs in a month is a huge success that you should be proud of! I'd love to follow your journey here, so keep us updated


beat ya to it! :slight_smile:


OK, I switched my cardio and weight lifting around. I did in fact find that my cardio was much more intensive than before! Ty.

I have a quick question about the 2 snacks suggested between meals. First off, is 1 serving of roasted peanuts good enough for my 1st snack( 1oz of nuts has 160 calories, 7g protein). Second, should I just split my sandwich for lunch in half and have the rest of it as my second snack?


for the snack, peanuts are good, but maybe add a piece of fruit in there, or some carrots. as for the sandwich its up to you. you could always just have another serving of peanuts/some vegetable and possible a small can of tuna as your afternoon snack. keep us posted


Careful with the roasted nuts. The roasting process actually destroys the nutritional content of the nut.

If you want to go with nuts for a snack, I'd suggest going to your local supermarket and hitting up the bulk food section. Get two huge scoops of Almonds. Then depending on the price, pick up a scoop of pecans or pecan halves (I found I could get the halves at a way better price). Then a scoop of walnuts and a scoop of sunflower seeds (the seed, not the shell).

Make sure you get the un-roasted, un-salted, etc. nuts

You might want to get an extra large bag as well (the ones you get from the veggie section). Then when you get home, mix it all up and put it into the big bag. There's your "mix" that you can use for a snack.

Make sure you add in some veggies (celery or cuccumber work good IMHO as you can cut/slice them small enough and put them into those small snack bags or a small tupperware container.

The can of tuna is good as well, but beware of the high mercury content in canned tuna. It's great if you're on a limited budget, but otherwise you could also have a protein shake. Again, make sure you have some veggies with it.

Drink lots of water as well...

You could split your lunch sub and use the 2nd half for your afternoon snack, but you really want to make sure you're getting enough protein and not restricting yourself too much, too soon...

Also, as I mentioned earlier, the more restrictive you are with your diet, the harder it is to follow and stay focused. If I was in your shoes (again, this is me), I'd eat my sub and enjoy it. Then I'd probably have a protein shake and a big handful or two of my mixed nuts for both my morning and afternoon snack, with veggies.

Keep up the good work!


Happy Friday!!!

Weighted in today, 306. So thats about 5lbs down this week. Hurray!
Ive have several more questions id like to get some advice on.

I started taking Omega3 earlier this week, (just cheap stuff from local retailer) My buddy says that I probly have deficiency and should load it for about a month. Taking upwards of 3 or 4 servings a day. Is this a Good idea? Or should I just take the recommended serving.

As far as my weight loss goes I know ive got along haul till I start seeing any big muscle definition. But im curious as to what weight would be ideal for me to curve my cardio back a bit and up my calorie/carb intake to start bulking up. Or would this be solely my preference as to when I think my bodys ready?

I incorporated the Bulgarian split squats into my workout yesterday. I found them to be Very challenging. I got 1X10 done and I was spent! Being as out of shape as I am, should I back off of these and focus on lunges and/or box squats or should I keep on them and slowly work up.

Thanks for all the help and support


First off, congratulations on the weight loss!

What kind of Omega 3 supplement are you taking? How much EPA and DHA per serving?

Regarding bulking up, it is hard to pinpoint at what weight, measurements etc that you should start doing it since everyone is different. Posting a picture would help greatly.

Well, the point of going to the gym is to push yourself with every workout :wink:. Whether you want to stay with lunges and squats for now or incorporating Bulgarian split squats as well is up to you. Just try to improve your lifts with every workout. The main reason that you do weight training is to keep or even gain some muscle when dieting, most of the weight loss is due to your diet.


Its been a couple months since I updated last. Ill make it quick. I dropped several more pounds of fat. Im down to 274. Seems im still increasing all my lifts, probly due to my noob gains. All I can say is that Im feelin like a million bucks, Im loving the results, the wife loves them even more. Have no plans on quitting... ever..

Ill update later on. Later T.N.


well another 37 fucking pounds down, congrats man, be very proud.

just be sure of take some pictures so whan you reach your goals you can show us how good you did.


Cant believe its been a year since ive posted in this.

Have great news. Weighed in this morning at 220! thats 113 pounds of fat.. gone.. forever. Went in and had my bf% taken yesterday by a trainer. Came out to be 18.1% with 187LBM. Lost over 12 inches from my waist. bis went from 19 unflexed to 16 unflexed. My strength really hasnt increased like I would have liked it too. Now my lifts have gone up, just not that fast.

My life has done a complete 180 degree turn. FNG lovin it. Cant wait for the last 30lbs to melt off.


Congrats, Man! That is a huge accomplishment and one that most don't have the will to pull off.

While I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum from you (trying to gain)it is still extremely motivating to hear these stories. I'm happy for you and wish you continued success!


Awesome dude, I'm proud of ya!

Have you incorporated a high-intensity cardio day at all?

If not, that might be something to add into the mix to shock the system into dropping the final fat stores...



Have you considered a write up of how you did it (diet and exercise details)?


Yeah I just wanted to add to this thread and say congrats. It's awesome to see people put discipline on eating clean, and hard work in the gym, to good use and lose weight. Too often I see people complaining about how difficult weight loss is, and coming up with excuses. But people like you prove that it's possible to do, just takes a bit of hard work. Very big congrats on the progress.


Most people don't realise the hard work you've put in, but you will and you're the guy that counts.

Awesome achievement.


Wow you really are an inspiration for me....