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Keeping The Little Muscles Strong


I'd really like to hear what other people use to keep the smaller muscles strong and stave off potential injury from having your main muscle groups outgrow the smaller ones (ie rotator cuff muscles).

Of late I have gotten severe pains in both my shoulders while doing weighted dips. It seems as I get bigger, I get worse pains in remote areas.


Rotator cuff work would do the trick. Also use dumbells for your chest exercises for a while. Stop lifting too heavy as well.


I think Eric Cressey wrote an article about this not too long ago, face pulls, pull ups, and push ups are great for stability in the shoulder girdle


Thanks for the advice guys, I will incorporate the ideas into my workouts.


I have what you are looking for.

Since each of the following articles presents information essential for the aspiring bodybuilder, you should eventually read all of them.

However, to help you decide which order to read them in I will list the ones I found most informative and useful.

1. Push-Ups, Face Pulls, and Shrugs
...for Strong and Healthy Shoulders!

This is a good article since it's relatively short and to the point. Gives you a brief education on the rotator cuff.

2. Shoulder Savers

Great three part series for the shoulders. Part I and II are the most useful, part III not quite so much (but only because Part I and II are so good)

3. Neanderthal No More
The complete guide to fixing your caveman posture!

READ READ READ! It's a long series. Part I-III discuss how the body works while considering the "little muscles." Part IV-V lay out a multi part Pre-Habilitation program.

The rest of the articles basically remind you how the body functions as a unit and how problems can arise throughout the body due to weak links and unbalanced training.

I highly recommend reading these articles multiple times while googling the muscles/body parts/conditions mentioned to help give you a visual of what you're learning about.


Shoulder The Load
Mike Robertson

Shoulder Savers
by Eric Cressey
1. http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1053531
2. http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1055409
3. http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=06-111-training

8 Weeks to Monster Shoulders
by Alwyn Cosgrove and Chad Waterbury

Heal that Hunchback!
by Mike Robertson

Feel Better for 10 Bucks
Self-myofascial release: no doctor required!
by Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson

Achieving Structural Balance
By Charles Poliquin

(De)-Constructing Computer Guy
by Tony Gentilcore, CSCS, CPT and Jimmy Smith CSCS

Push-Ups, Face Pulls, and Shrugs
...for Strong and Healthy Shoulders!
by Bill Hartman and Mike Robertson

A Joint-by-Joint Approach to Training
by Michael Boyle

Soft Tissue Work for Tough Guys
by Tony Gentilcore

Core Training for Smart Folks
by Mike Robertson

Neanderthal No More
The complete guide to fixing your caveman posture!
by Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson
Part 1: http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=314nean2
Part 2: http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=315nean2
Part 3: http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=04-004-training
Part 4: http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=04-016-training
Part 5: http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=535872


Good God!

Thanks a ton anthro! I owe you for putting these links together for me. Although, I will have to save the heavy reading for the weekend. University just started last week and I already got a ton of reading to do.