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Keeping the Acne Down


Anyone got any helpful advice for keeping the acne down? Currently only dosing .8 mL Test-E a week. .4 on Mon, .4 on Thurs. It comes around my chest, shoulders, and upper back.


Try searching this forum and using google, there's plenty of information easily available..


Control estrogen properly, with arimidex.

Use 'Nizoral' anti dandruff shampoo as shower gel, apply to effected areas, leave for a couple of minutes and wash off.


I still had issues with acne even when using all the above^^^^^

Tanning really helps clear up the acne.


I forgot tanning, I have a double sun bed once a week, twice if I need to, but one consistently usualy does the business, combined with what I mentioned above. One guy on here swore blind that swimming in the sea cleared up his skin, so OP, if your lucky enough to live near the sea and in a sunny location- you know what to do!

Waylander, your skin looks really clear in your pictures, does tanning do the trick to keep acne away, or do you use other methods as well? no offense-you don't look that tanned in your pic and your skin looks fine.

Mine is raising Adex (thanks Bonez) washing in Nizoral, and sun beds, I do this even when my skins good as a preventative measure (though I've nearly always got a zit or two somewhere. I blast and cruise and find I have more problems when I'm on 250mg test a week than I do on 750mg, I've upped the cruise dose to 300mg and that has stopped the acne but I think the odd zit is just part of the parcel LOL


The two best things I've done to keep my skin clear is to use a hefty dose of an AI to keep estrogen down, and only drink water. Sodas, juice, milk, etc all keep my skin loaded with a few pimples, regardless of whether I'm on or not.


Thanks, I'll try this, what to you consider a 'hefty' dose of AI? (I'm guessing Adex)


That all depends on what you're taking, dose, which AI you're using, how much your body aromatizes, etc. I just gauge my estrogen levels by how waterlogged my face is, lol


Take your ass to the dermatologist and stop listening to forum MD's.


Thanks for the help thus far. No derm available...no tanning bed available either...so the help and advice of others is all I have at this time. I tanned on a previous cycle and never had a problem like this...it must have a lot to do with it.


What about Melanotan? I've read some people claim that it improved their skin, but I have no direct experience with it.