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keeping strength while losing weight

I need to lose 5-6 kg fat for a bench press contest in 4 months to compete in 67,5 kg class, while keeping my strength(1 repetition max 70 kg) and need advice from people with similar experience on training and diet. previously i have always lost lean body mass and strength even with little restrictions in energy intake(i can`t handle restriction bigger than 10-15 %because then my bulimia gets worse).Does supplementing with glutamine makes much sense? One more question: can nootropic agents like piracetam increase maximal strength?


You have plenty of time to lose the weight while keeping the strength. How is your diet? Have you looked into T-Dawg 2.0, Don’t Diet or Don Alessi’s advice in issue 209 (Iron Dog)? Also, be sure to check out “Foods that make you look good nekid” if you haven’t already done so.

If you manipulate your diet, you should be able to lose the weight without losing strength in that amount of time. If you want to accelerate the fat loss, I’d recommend using Hot Rox. Begin now! Also, we need more info to help you out. Please fill us in on current diet and training.

By the way, if you are bulimic, you need to seek some serious help. As your nutrition is probably way out of wack, not to mention your head.